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New Lada Kalina Sport

New Lada Kalina Sport 1

Lada Kalina Sport in a new form

New Lada Kalina Sport 2

Lada Kalina Sport has been produced since last year. It is different from the simple version. New Lada received a powerful engine of 118 hp, the chassis turned out to be reconfigured. This year it is planned to produce 1200 cars. The sports version has been finalized. Everything looks simple and gorgeous. The modified appearance is pleasantly impressive in its forms. The sports form of the car gives the redesigned suspension. Many changes were aimed at achieving new opportunities.

Ground clearance is reduced. Pleasantly pleases body kit with an anti-tire. The engine capacity of this model is 1.6 liters. On the road, the car is simply gorgeous. Sports overclocking is impressive. Wheels are 16-inch. The disc brakes that creak during braking were a bit disappointing. But the efficiency of the system is high. Fuel is consumed by 10.5 liters. In the basic configuration there is climate control, heated windshield. Inside, of course, the domestic spirit of production is felt. There are no such innovative systems as in foreign cars. The automaker’s savings are felt throughout. But for that affordable price. Foreign sports cars not everyone can afford.

All the features of Kalina Sport are difficult to reveal during the first trip. On the suspension, the appearance of stiffer springs can be noted. The drive of the car is not as smooth as I wanted. Big wheels also negatively affect the ride. So you have to drive carefully for the first time to see and understand all the features. The trunk is quite roomy – 280 liters. Being in the cabin, you can quickly understand that the hatchback is compact and comfortable. Increased dynamism, high speed on our roads will attract many buyers. In general, the capabilities of the domestic car remain attractive.


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