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New Renault Megane car

New Renault Megane car 1

New Renault Megane

New Renault Megane car 2

The premiere of the fourth generation of the Megane model from Renault will take place in the coming days. Here are just an intrigued audience more likely to look at the appearance of new items, rather than learn about the filling. This is due to the fact that even the ubiquitous paparazzi could not get clear pictures of the car. But there are no problems with the technical parameters, since it is no secret to anyone that Megan will receive the CMF platform. It is she who is the basis for the Kadjar model, so that in the line of motors and the choice of surprise boxes is not planned.

If you look at the images of camouflaged Renault Megane available on the network, the optics configuration immediately catches your eye. The headlights are slightly flattened, and the taillights are generally reminiscent of Audi. The body of the novelty is now more sloping, while the rear body kit is quite compact, but the front end, on the contrary, is too understated.

Spy photos of the interior are also available. The most interesting thing about it is the huge display on the front console, located vertically in the Tesla style. True, it is not yet known by which software the multimedia system will be controlled. But you can definitely play at traffic lights.


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