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Nissan Almera B10

Nissan Almera B10 1

Without keyword

This car was produced from 2006 to 2012 and we can say that it was the last in the Almera lineup after the N16, which was made decently, in comparison with the last G15, in which Nissan only had a nameplate on the hood. But about her in the next article.

It was the B10 body, although assembled in Korea, that proved to be a simple and reliable car, the last in the line. It can not be compared, of course, with the N16, but even very contemporaries. The most difficult thing that turned out to be in this car (and unsuccessful) was that they transferred a separate NATS immobilizer unit to the CLUSTER dashboard, because of this many people had problems with registering ignition keys or synchronizing NATS with the motor unit. And the motor blocks (engine control units) we can and love to disable all and sundry. But this is unsuccessful for non-specialists … protection against theft is much higher in this case. But harder is the car.

Nissan Almera B10 2

Erase – do not erase errors, nothing helps. Always the owner’s story begins with cleaning the damper, well, they like to do it in any case, even if the headlight is off. It began with cleaning, then with revolutions, then it began to stall – and now the speedometer does not work ….

Nissan Almera B10 3

Someone very “upgraded” the ignition coil connectors, and then the coils became so

Nissan Almera B10 4

And as a result, the repair of the control unit is provided …

Nissan Almera B10 5

Now it turns out that errors on the non-existent sensor after the catalyst are present, and the speedometer does not work …

In this machine, as mentioned above, not just all the functions of the BCM (interior control module) are concentrated in the instrument panel, but also the anti-theft system NATS (immobilizer) itself. But the second side of the issue is the immobilizer synchronization codes are stored in the firmware of the engine control unit itself, and this is the processor, and not the external 8-pin memory microcircuit that everyone learned to solder in the TV set …

Nissan Almera B10 6

Therefore, taking a block with another ALMERA and putting it on the machine does not work out just like that, a 12-digit access code restricts the television’s attempts to carry out this procedure. The owner has to buy used set – dashboard, key, lock and motor block. But there are different cars, different years and a complete set. There is also mechanics, and there is also automatic transmission … here the very interesting adventures of the owner begin …

Firstly, the only right decision would be to repair the old unit, in this case there is no need to buy anything else. But who “thinks” – “that this is too easy a way” – is mistaken greatly. Blocks from another machine are looking for other sensors – as in this case: the oxygen sensor after the catalyst. And he simply wasn’t and wasn’t on this machine. Option – pull a new leash under the underbody, drill a hole in the exhaust pipe and put a sensor? I don’t think it’s easier. It remains to subtract the control program from the old block (if any) or take the firmware by the year of release and write to this block.

Sometimes it looks like in the photo: recording the control program in the processor by the programmer.

Nissan Almera B10 7

The problem is solved, the panel remains. The panels were brought many times with completely unsuccessful attempts to re-solder all the memory microcircuits on it, to read and write something to the panel processor – all to no avail, and it is good if it remains intact after that. It is not necessary to solder, disassemble, remove the arrows and break the stepper motors in it .. There is no sin-cos linear drive of the arrows, but an electric stepper motor for each. You just need to take a scanner and look at the cluster configuration – what are the parameters.

Nissan Almera B10 8

And immediately find out – that the panel from a car with automatic transmission has nothing to put on a machine with mechanics …

Nissan Almera B10 9

And vice versa…
We change the configuration – and immediately all the arrows return to normal. The machine is driven by a qualified repair in its original form.

Nissan Almera B10 10

No errors, no problems, with a trained throttle and idle. You can read about repairing the throttle and replacing serviceable parts with other serviceable ones here, and see the video for an example of the motor working properly and load compensation. Automatic transmission, repair is similar.

Comments on the video. If everything is working properly and adjusted, the throttle is clean and trained, the corrections are normal, then you can see how the tachometer needle slows down 1100 rpm before descending to idle 700 rpm. This is a sign of a fully functional system. When the gear is on, we see that the momentum does not fail, but is aligned with the trained ones with compensation. This is a sign of prescribed compensation from the scanner. You can read about speed compensation here.

Gadzhiev Arid Omarovich
© Legion Avtodata


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