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Nissan Almera Classic (2008)

Nissan Almera Classic (2008) 1

Without keyword

Simple and reliable machine Nissan Almera Classic in the back of the B10, although assembled in Korea. The classic motor of the QG series, the classic 4-speed automatic that rides while it has oil, unpretentious interior electronics.

This machine has one feature – to reduce the cost and minimize electronic components, all the functions of the interior control module, such as: central locking, interior light, turn signals, etc. concentrated in the dashboard. Simple and reliable. But the dashboard also contains the anti-theft function NATS – it stores immobilizer key codes. Prescribing a key (new) in it is not as simple as in the previous almera. In other words: in case of any problem with the control unit or panel – in a simple repair, this bunch of keys must be replaced. And since the panel is configured for different vehicle configurations – after installing the motor-panel bundle, the panel needs to be configured from the scanner, etc. In another language – you can’t put it from someone else’s car.

And why, in fact, we focused on this – it’s very simple, the car stayed in service for 3 months to no avail. It all started with a trivial maintenance, cleaning the damper. Ended up standing in the service for 3 months and turning the car into a monument.

Nissan Almera Classic (2008) 2

They bring another car with a disassembled passenger compartment and the condition of the wiring harness under the hood on a tow truck.

Nissan Almera Classic (2008) 3

The owner for a long time tells the background, shows pieces of paper with a diagnosis. Among them, one is striking: a printout from the diagnostic scanner LAUNCH X431:

Nissan Almera Classic (2008) 4

The diagnostic program version is 41.60 – and this is the latest version. Attention was drawn to the text value of the second DTC P1126 – thermostat operation. It is authentically known that on this ALMERA there are no such codes as thermostat inefficiency. Yes, other models have such codes, but this one does not. We ask for decoding to MotorData:

As we can see, the diagnostics are very developed, there is a code P1126, which reports an open circuit for the control winding circuit of the throttle motor relay, and there is a code P1124 talking about the same circuit, only already a short circuit. And the most important thing is that the thermostat has nothing to do with.
The first code P1122 reports incorrect throttle operation. Obviously, the service did not “deal with the thermostat”, but immediately rushed to the damper. And they attacked with “all responsibility”.
We look at the photo of the wiring repair. It is easy to notice that thin shielded wires go to the damper, since low current sensors are located in the damper, and a clean signal transmission line without noise and interference is important for these lines. Yes, and shielding the wires in isolation, since the connection points of the signal screens to minimize their interference.

Nissan Almera Classic (2008) 5

We see a clear knowledge of electrical engineering from the 8th grade of high school – we take the usual thick wires used to lay the lighting network in apartments (and what difference is the same wire), with a cross section of five times more, and wound with native thin ones. You can forget about shielding – what is shielding of signal lines – in the 8th grade is still unknown. All connections are made disgusting twisting.

Nissan Almera Classic (2008) 6

All this is wound up with taping tape – to seal the water pipes.

Nissan Almera Classic (2008) 3

It would be surprising if this started to work. In fact, the wiring is completely unusable. The control unit has been opened (and, as we see, it is standing under the hood), its tightness is broken and in the first rain it will fail. It’s good that the car stopped driving and didn’t get in the rain after such a “repair”.
As a result, all the wiring had to be restored to the factory state, and the control unit was repaired. During experiments with electrical wiring, “experts” damaged the throttle relay control key.
And it began, as always, with a banal maintenance – they cleaned the flap, changed the oil – but could not train the speed. During the checks, the contacts of the throttle valve connector were unbent and received error P1122. When replacing the wires with “right thick”, and not these “flimsy” wires, the control unit burned the engine control unit with a “spark”. Opening the unit also did not give them anything, since the algorithm for controlling the throttle motor relay of the unit has its own – namely: after turning off the ignition by the driver, the control unit remains energized for another 6 seconds. During this time, he parks the shutter, saves corrections and turns himself off. Therefore, if there is any malfunction in the NISSAN engine control system, after turning the ignition off and before turning it on, you need to wait at least 10 seconds – otherwise the unit will not restart.
In budget cars with low cabin noise isolation, turning off the ignition, the driver can clearly hear a clear relay relay after 6 seconds in the area of ​​the torpedo or passenger glove box. This turned off the main engine control relay, and a little earlier, half a second throttle relay.
Regarding the LAUNCH X431 scanner: I can’t pretend to have given this scanner in text decryption if its owners had used English, maybe the decryption would have been correct. In any case, it is better to trust the verified bases and proven dealership scanners of the NISSAN CONSULT III PLUS, so that there is no doubt about the reliability. After all, the damper had nothing to do with .

Nissan Almera Classic (2008) 8

And at first it seemed – where does the thermostat …
Well, the owner of Almera Classic wasn’t “lucky” – it happens. But someone is lucky, and how lucky …
Pictured is a Nissan Primera, but one detail. The owner complains that sometimes, when he turns on the light, the speed drops dramatically. And sometimes it generally stalls in motion. It would seem like a connection – but the connection is simple! We open the hood and our eyes accidentally fall on the battery mounting bracket. The man put an abnormal battery and decided from the means at hand to make a mount for him. But he did not pass TerMekh at the university, he did not count on bending beams at the university. Maybe he is a good designer or lawyer – but in matters of theory and practice of automotive industry a complete zero.

As a result, even such a seemingly complex procedure as replacing the battery, a fatal mistake was made. The stiffness of the strap was low, it was deformed and the mount was loose. The bar slid out and hit the positive terminal of the battery.

Why on the terminal and strap (due to a short circuit) some of the metal burned out.

That lucky, so lucky. The car did not burn out. And some were unlucky and in a similar case, the car burned down. And then even the generator did not burn out. Still, NISSAN makes reliable machines, whatever you say.

Gadzhiev Arid Omarovich
© Legion Avtodata

Moscow, st.Ermakova Grove 7A, territory 14 TMP


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