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NISSAN cars, malfunction called chain stretch

NISSAN cars, malfunction called chain stretch 1

Without keyword

Car services are no longer trusted. Either Rich Clients, or “guaranteemen” to go for maintenance, or go there. “when nowhere to go”.
(We will now constantly have this theme, we do not live in an airless world.
Car repair is also a human relationship).

Car repair often “hayut”.
But I’m not going to protect anyone.
I’ll even agree and say: Yes! In car services often work and Ham, and Negligent and just “Dunno”.
Who do you fall for.
We will talk about specific examples, and conclusions?
You will make them yourself.
So – another and life example.
Very, very hot. Nissan car “got” him from the changer.
The night brigade “picked” it until the morning (see Note), but the malfunction remained “undefeated”.
However, no, the conclusion was made – “a withdrawal of 40 thousand rubles” and sounded a verdict for the Client: “Replacement of the electronic control unit”.
Yes, this unit cost exactly how much, because the fault remained: “The engine starts and stalls.” We have already talked a lot about the qualifications of car service workers..
There are different people there.
Both “random” and “fellow travelers”, and those for whom the concept of “Diagnostics” has become a certain way of life.
It just so happened that the changer could not figure it out.
Maybe he just wanted to “sleep” and had no desire to deal with the “pain in the neck” – it was easier to write a “sentence of 40 thousand rubles.” The so-called “Morning Diagnosis” was then worked by Nikolai (if anyone is interested where in the city of Moscow it is possible to “normally” diagnose a car of a company “- call 8-910-421-31) Nissan
So, what was available at 9 o’clock in the morning:
1. The car will not start
2. “Failure cost” 40 thousand rubles
The engine on the car was of the QG series and the malfunction looked like this:
– The engine started more or less normally
– Worked a second or two and then “died”
– No trouble codes (surprisingly, this was the case, see Note)
Here it would be to talk with the Client, but.
This is today’s trouble of modern car services..
The trouble is that in most cases the Client is “separated” from the Contractor, in this case from the Diagnosis. And there are many examples that only a direct conversation with the Client helped to determine at least the “area of ​​malfunction” and help in its elimination.
But we live like?
Modern living.
We have the so-called “manager” who speaks with the Client, accepts an order from him and transfers it to the Contractor (in this case, Diagnostics).
Is it correct?
On the one hand, yes.
Because the Contractor is spared from some annoying and persistent Clients who constantly “go hand in hand” and advise, advise.
And on the other hand – there is no “first-hand information”.
Well, this question is “by definition”, resolved in small workshops: the Client drove the car, immediately talked with him, found out the Important for himself and got to work.
And in this case, the information was missing and, at first glance, the easiest way was to “get away” from the Client, sign a “40 thousand sentence” and do the next, “monetary” work. Instead, it was decided to “work out with a typewriter” a bit and take at least waveforms.
When comparing them with others – from the “manual”, the idea arose that “something is wrong with the chain”.

However, the original manual on this error is also not entirely “intelligible” :

NISSAN cars, malfunction called chain stretch 2

Therefore, it’s not at all shameful to ask colleagues and advise: “as it should be” What happens:

“The front of the 1st pulse of the TDC of the crankshaft (crankshaft) must coincide with the front of the 2nd pulse of the camshaft (camshaft) – in the” packet “of pulses.

NISSAN cars, malfunction called chain stretch 3

Pay attention to the words: “In the” packet of “pulses.” That is, the signals in the “bundle” are always considered, not single.
Well, what and how exactly should coincide – it can be seen from the above. What do we have in total?
The malfunction is “defeated”, the Client did not have to pay 40 thousand rubles.
True, he did not find out what heated debates caused his malfunction, paid strictly according to the price list, sat down, left. I want to say this:
1. “Let’s live in peace” and not “to blame” indiscriminately ALL car repair. People are different.
2. Let us go for repair only to those Specialists who CAN find and repair your malfunction. How to find such specialists?
I will answer a question with a question:
If you, God forbid, get sick and you have a choice: go to surgery for an eminent Surgeon, a Professor with many years of practice, or for a recent “bezosy” graduate of the Medical, – who would you choose?
Most reasonable answer : “To the Professor, naturally!”. Well, how to find a “Professor” in a car repair ?, – you ask.
Probably have to wait a bit.
Very soon in Russia, auto repair issues will be resolved in a civilized and professional manner..
In 1972, a non-profit organization was created in America under the name:
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)
This organization was created based on opinion polls. , because the vast majority of car owners were extremely dissatisfied with the quality of car services, which at that time were as numerous and messy as they are now in Russia.

This non-profit organization regularly conducts voluntary testing of car service specialists and issues them a “public” certificate:

And now, when a Client in America is looking for car service in the directories, where he needs to be repaired, or comes to the car service and sees this icon on the wall, he is completely sure that he will be properly diagnosed and repaired here. This should be in Russia.

Because everyone is already tired of paying “for the air”.
You have to pay – for the result.
Main note: Initially, P0335 was interpreted as a malfunction of the crankshaft sensor and its electrical circuits. Then, when NISSAN launched QG motors with “plasticine chains” – dealers followed the manual – but it does not say anything about chain stretching and generally such a phenomenon. What dealers did with code P0335: – changed the sensor (as many times as possible) – changed the computer – changed something else – gave the car as it was The problem could not be solved – until NISSAN released a service bulletin with oscillograms on this problem. What next: in my opinion, it is ECU software that was “crookedly written” and a miscalculation of engineers when reserving code for this phenomenon (after all, once the “she” – the circuit – should stretch ?!).
Since there is no free trouble code left, and its introduction meant a flashing of all the software on all ECUs (which indicates the official recall of the lineup, and this is a huge disgrace and losses for the company!), They simply added a text comment (which is the cheapest! ) To the description of the code P0335, namely, “chain extension”. Now the code P0335 in a text comment indicates a malfunction of the HF sensor and its electrical circuits, as well as a chain extension (referring to the “metal chain” of the gas distribution mechanism). Moreover, old scanners will interpret it in the “old way”, and new commentaries will also appear in new manuals. In theory, if there is a signal from the sensor, then error P0335 should never occur. And the correct solution to this problem should be to introduce a new code on the basis of “that there are signals from two sensors – but the phase is broken”.
Comment author: participant of our ARID Forum (n ik SKYLINE77) Note 1
One of the participants in our Forum said so about the “night” shifts in the workshop:
“. Of course, this is purely Russian nonsense – night work (I would say Moscow
“moronity”) – people should sleep at night. This is how a person works. Good
night performance is not guaranteed, it is a fact “.
Note 2
“There are no fault codes”, – as it is written in the article and it was actually so.
Should it be so?
The answer is clear: “No, it should not”.
However, to take a word to those who say that “in case of a malfunction, the malfunction code must be”, it is impossible in any case.
This is a wrong statement, without taking into account the specific features of each Manufacturer, as well as the country of destination of each car and the features of each car (its Life Story, if you want).
Many years ago, in the 90s of the last century, examples of the fact that “there is a malfunction, but a malfunction code are not” were given on the “expanses” of this site.

Another example is in this article..
Another example?
Please, here is what Igor Malakhov recently wrote a diagnosis from the city of Kaliningrad:
“. a week ago, colleagues improperly installed the timing belt on the 470th Lexus. They were mistaken for 2 (!) teeth on the gear of the” knee. “After he started, he” learned “for XX minutes in 15. I connected to it and noticed gaps (1- 3%) for all cylinders, there is such monitoring in the parameters. Without doubting the qualifications of the locksmiths, he recommended changing the spark plugs to the owner. The next day the car returned with a claim – “no traction.” That is, before the timing was replaced, it was, and after not. Checked and saw “there was a mismatch in the labels. And there weren’t any fault codes on the camshaft or on the passes!”.
And there are many such examples..
So the conclusion can be made as follows: “It is impossible to fully trust the scanner. The scanner is only an“ application to the head ”.


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