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Nissan cars

Nissan cars 1

Nissan cars

Nissan cars 2

Despite a strategic partnership in the development of mechanical engineering with the French company Renault, Nissan continues to produce cars of its own production. Today, this is not the same “Nissan” that it was before. The era of the production of “pies” on wheels with too much artificial leather was replaced by the stage of modernization of the company’s production activities. So, models of a new direction appeared: Nissan Primera, Nissan Murano, Nissan 350Z. Looking at some cars, I want to drive just because of the impressive appearance. In other cases, models such as the Nissan Micra make many people smile. Along with other Japanese manufacturers, not all Nissan cars are available on world markets. For example, we are unlikely to see a large and threatening Armada in the UK..

But the Nissan 350Z has a different situation. This new sports car is literally stunning at first sight. Presented in the form of an auto coupe and a roadster, this car is capable of moving at very high speed, thanks to the V6 engine with a capacity of three hundred horsepower (and since 2007 it has been increased to three hundred and six). With a six-speed gearbox, the Nissan 350Z is faster than many other cars, even when using five speeds.

If the driver prefers even more energetic models, then you can consider the Armada. Here the V8 engine has even more power – three hundred seventeen horsepower. This car can tow a trailer weighing up to four tons. The Armada is designed to carry seven people. There are three rows of seats in the cabin, and the distance between the front and middle row is more than a meter. You can imagine the scale of this monster. This SUV is built according to all the canons of the American “SUV” with the introduction of the latest technologies used in the field of modern engineering. Thus, Nissan is trying to create special eye-catching cars in order to have distinctive qualities and surpass the competitors with which the Japanese company is constantly fighting.

Despite the absence of some Nissan models in the car market, most are still for sale worldwide. If you want to purchase one of the new models, it is enough to contact official dealers who will help you find the Nissan car you need..


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