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Nissan Expert

Nissan Expert 1

Without keyword

Installing HBO on a car Nissan Expert

View of the engine compartment before installing HBO

It all started with the fact that after many years of hiking, finally decided to buy a normal car.

But, since I am not a sufficiently wealthy person, I was forced to calculate every step.

A small (economical) car was not needed for nothing. Large and spacious enough? This was not economical in terms of operating costs. The solution was obvious: “A large and spacious car converted to gas fuel, which allows to reduce the cost of mileage by half”.

Bought a car at auction, via the Internet,

without intermediary firms, which allowed us to invest in the quality of the machine such an extra thousand bucks. The fight at auctions was conducted only for the all-wheel drive version of Nissan Avenir and Expert. As soon as the lot was purchased, it immediately became clear what they had to deal with and began to select gas equipment.

After receiving the machine, he immediately went to the installers, listened to them, and politely sent. I ordered the necessary kit over the Internet in Moscow. I did everything myself.

The first option for mounting gas nozzles

1. Bracket for attaching nozzles

2. A hose of supply of a vapor phase to nozzles

3. A mess of wires

4. Connector for connecting to gas injectors

But dissatisfaction always remains, and therefore did another variant:

1. Bracket for attaching nozzles.

Nozzles down

2. The gas supply hose has become shorter, deployed “inside” the manifold, to a place more protected from blowing, additionally insulated

3. There is no more wire mesh, everything is assembled into a single harness, the connectors for connecting to gas injectors are removed, the connection is direct, hot soldered

The current state of the engine compartment

2. Filter block fine gas with sensors

4. Two ramps with gas nozzles

5. Optional Bosch brushless electric pump

6. The camshaft position sensor. Its location on the engine has a decisive role in choosing an ignition variator.

1 – insert into the manifold on the pressure sensor.
2 – gas supply tee on two ramps.

And he only presented the finished installation for examination to an authorized gas company. There were a lot of questions about the technical decisions I made and technically executed, but there was no criticism. Received the necessary documents. It remained to bring the installation to its logical conclusion – install the ignition variator.

There are many variators on the market, but which one is definitely suitable for my motor is unknown. HBO has been in operation for almost a year, and the ignition system has so far worked according to the gasoline “rules”. Most consumers do not pay attention to this, because they do not know, how it should work, what they lose, and what they risk without ignition correction.

I do not like to stupidly wait. No information from Italians, looking for other options. There are also Polish CVTs, but there is also no clear compatibility information on them. There are domestic CVTs that have just entered the market. One of them is designed to work with digital crankshaft position sensors. But it is single-channel, i.e. not suitable. Two-channel will also be, but it is not known when. As for the firmware for a specific motor, our guys have a complete order with this. Technical support on top. That would be available on the market, single-channel adapt.

An investigation was prompted by a fact that he did not immediately pay attention to. The phase sensor is located elsewhere. And I wouldn’t pay, but in one of the forums, as usual, a debate broke out on whether the motor would work without a phase sensor. I got down to the car, took off the chip, started it, got an error, reset the error.

So I discovered the difference in the location of the sensor and began to find out, but actually, why such a change, and what it gives me as a consumer. Invaluable help in finding this out was provided by the regulars of the forum. After their answers, it was decided to purchase and install a single-channel variator Phoenix 611. By the way. This variator can be used not only for ignition correction. It can be used to temporarily fix error 0335. on some Nissan stretched-chain motors.

Personal opinion:

The advantage of HBO is a much more stable quality of fuel compared to gasoline and the price. I can ride on gas as much as I need, and not how much money allows. In this case, completely calm for the “health” of the engine. The rest is nice bonuses.

A worn chain motor may continue to operate reliably for some time..

The only thing that prevents him is a confusing synchronization due to the small margin between the signal drops of the POS and PHASE sensors. You can take the same Phoenix 611 variator, fill it with special firmware, include it in the signal wire of the PHASE sensor, and force the output signal to “shift” back to the values ​​corresponding to an un-worn circuit.

Cylinder mounting elements under the bottom, details:
1 – modified M10 bolt
2 – rubber from the elevator
3 – plate amplifier from the shock absorber housing Zaporozhets
4 – tool tray made of steel strip

This will allow some time to drive with normal fuel consumption, dynamics, etc., until the owner has the opportunity to really change the chain. It’s impossible to do this forever, of course, but in our difficult time, it’s quite possible, for some it will be very necessary.

On more recent engines, on mine, for example, this problem is most likely not already. A worn-out circuit is more likely to get stuck with rumbling than to cause a synchronization failure and error 0335.

Personal opinion: “What were the main difficulties”

The layout of the components in the engine compartment. It was necessary to place everything so that it worked optimally and did not complicate the maintenance of other units.

Even in my rather spacious engine compartment, it was very difficult to accomplish. The lack of a suitable room also made work very difficult. Completed the installation in the winter. The first gas trip took place in mid-December 2008..

Cylinder mounting elements under the bottom, general form:

In the center of the original clamp – made in China

Mounting bracket for gas computer and fine filter unit with sensors
Nissan Expert 2

The gearbox was fastened to the bracket made, hid it in a niche between the strut and the motor shield, so that it would blow cold air less. It does not hurt to insulate.

Personal opinion about what is written on the Internet about HBO

– Gas fuel extends engine performance.

I did not check it myself, but everything speaks for this version.

– When the engine is running on gas fuel, a more complete combustion of the gas-air mixture occurs, which improves the lubrication conditions of the friction cylinder-piston ring pair, since gas fuel does not wash off the oil from its walls and does not dissolve it.

gas equipment for cars.

Mixture formation is facilitated, fact. The feed is immediately in the form of steam. Wash off oil and gasoline, if the power system is working properly.

– Due to the reduction of carbon deposits, tarry deposits do not accumulate in the combustion chamber, and therefore carbon deposits on the head of the unit and on the pistons are reduced.

Again, with high-quality gasoline, the difference here is unlikely to be enormous. But we do not have high-quality gasoline. And this makes gas, by far, the more preferable type of fuel for this parameter.

– When the engine is running on gas, oil can be changed less frequently than when refueling with gas, as it does not liquefy, is less polluted, and retains its properties longer.

– Oil consumption is also reduced.

Oil is less oxidized, yes. It seems polluted, apparently, less, but with high-quality gasoline there would not be a difference. Nevertheless, I am not inclined to dramatically increase the oil change interval, even despite the use of high-quality synthetic with an increased resource. Change by season. More than 12 tyk did not run on another oil. I have no burning at all.

– The overhaul mileage of a gas engine is longer compared to gasoline. Gas engine extends spark plug life.

These are statistics issues. Don’t own.

View on the HBO console from the driver
Homemade interface cord for setting HBO. Made from a datacable from a cell phone and a Lada fuel pump connector.
Remote control gas “brain”

– With the right mode of operation of a gas-fueled engine, the level of noise created by it decreases, which is especially important in a city.

The noise is really noticeably reduced. On gas, the engine runs “softer”. The reason for this is a higher octane number of gas. It feels like the motor likes to consume gas. He whispers on gas.

– A gas engine requires minimal tuning. gas equipment for cars.

The gas power system is another power system. It should be configured as carefully as any other. A simplified approach is unacceptable.

– The gas does not contain harmful impurities (lead, sulfur), which at the chemical level destroy the details of the combustion chamber, catalytic converter and lambda probe;

Yes, and more engine oil. On gas, all this can, and actually lasts longer, than on gasoline.

– It is necessary to install high-quality equipment of companies with many years of reputation. By installing high-quality and durable equipment, you will save yourself from constant troubleshooting associated with the installation of cheap and low-quality equipment

Of course. It’s the safety of people, first of all.

“What was the main point of your research? What exactly did you want to achieve? ”

The author of this material replied like this:

The meaning is extremely simple. Bring to a logical conclusion the gas installation. And what happened. He made a dual-fuel power system, added a liquefied gas power system, but did not bring the ignition system into line. Gas burns slower than gasoline, which means that it must be ignited earlier. Otherwise, loss of traction at low and medium revs, increased exhaust temperature, overheating and accelerated exhaust valve wear.

1. The gas brain.
2. Gas filter block
with sensors.
3. Mounting bracket for fine gas filter with sensors.
4. Vacuum hose to the gearbox.
5. The warmed hose of supply of the heated vapor phase to gas nozzles.
On the right, black, without number – a resonance chamber (resonator), designed to increase the engine torque in a certain range of rotational speeds.
Its installers urgently demanded to remove, as a “superfluous” detail. As a result, remained without earnings.

Almost a year, immediately after the installation of HBO, I tried to find a suitable variator. The most suitable would be a two-channel one, which simultaneously and simultaneously “turns” the signals of both sensors, but, having found out the peculiarity of its engine, decided to take a chance with a single-channel one. I am satisfied with the result, although much remains to be done to achieve maximum efficiency..

I do not exclude that as a result I will replace this variator model with a two-channel one, which is preparing to enter the market. After all, simultaneously, “moving” both signals is still necessary. On the PHASE sensor, apparently, the feedback of the variable valve timing system is working, and the POS sensor is the “reference” for it.

It turns out that changing the POS signal not only shifts the ignition moment, but also changes the intake phase. There is nothing particularly criminal about this, of course, the angle is too small for crime, but the “mess”. 🙂

Various patterns of HBO work are published on the Internet. Personal opinion:

– Liquefied petroleum gas under pressure enters from the cylinder into the high-pressure gas line.

Yes, but the pressure is “high” is difficult to call. The safety valve on the multivalve is set to 25 bar. In winter, the pressure in the tank is low, to a complete absence. What is the reason for the problem of winter operation. It’s just that our “merchants” do not want to deliver more expensive winter gas mixtures to gas stations, because the selling price has to be reduced.

– The gas flow from the cylinder occurs through a multivalve, through which refueling is also carried out using an external refueling device.

In addition, there is still a bunch of safety devices. A shut-off valve that does not allow filling the cylinder by more than 80%, a high-speed valve that closes the flow line in case of breakage, an electrovalve that opens only when it is really needed and two valves, a filling and a flow valve. Another gas level indicator and sensor for a remote level indicator.

– The gas in the liquid phase enters the gas filter valve along the line, which purifies gas from suspensions and tar deposits and shuts off the gas supply when the ignition is turned off or when switching to gasoline.

There have already gone variations. In my kit, all this is built into the gearbox.

– Next, the purified gas through a pipeline enters the first stage of a two-stage gearbox-evaporator, where the gas pressure decreases to 0.2 MPa, and then to the second stage, where it decreases to a value close to atmospheric.

1. Optional Lovato vapor phase heater.
Additionally insulated from the outside.
2. A hose with antifreeze from a heater to a reducer.
3. U-shaped branch pipe made of copper (soldered)
plumbing fittings with a diameter of 15 mm.
4. Reducer Lovato. who lacks heating
abilities in winter in Siberia, to which help
heater installed.
5. Optional electric brushless pump
Bosh doubling the gearbox warm-up and switching to
gas fuel. Adding a lot of heat along the way
to the salon

This is an ancient unit. This was not even considered for a modern car. The gearbox is single-stage, the outlet pressure is about one bar, depending on the pressure in the intake manifold.

– Due to heat exchange between the rudder – evaporator and coolant, the gas passes from the liquid phase to the gaseous.

Yes. In addition, sometimes, an additional vapor phase heater is installed, as at high costs, it happens that a liquid phase breaks through, which immediately evaporates.

– Under the action of the vacuum generated in the intake manifold of the working engine, gas from the cavity of the second stage of the gearbox-evaporator enters the metering device and through the low pressure hose through the metering device enters the mixer installed between the air filter and the carburetor dampers.

It’s a stone age.

Now the process is controlled by a special gas computer, gas is injected by gas nozzles in close proximity to gas nozzles. The amount of gas injected is calculated based on the duration of gasoline injection, gearbox temperature, gas temperature, gas pressure, intake manifold pressure, engine speed. Those. in fact, the gas supply is controlled by a regular gasoline ECU in its main program, with feedback through an oxygen sensor and all other sensors. The gas computer only takes as a basis the finished injection duration calculated by the gasoline ECU and corrects it in accordance with the parameters of gas fuel. As a result, the gasoline ECU does not even notice the substitution.

– The control of operating modes (on gas or on gasoline) is carried out using the fuel type switch installed on the instrument panel.

Management is fully automatic. There is a control panel, but it is not necessary to use it for control. Actually there is only one button for manually switching gas / gas, if you suddenly wanted to. This button also allows you to start the engine immediately on gas, but this is an emergency mode, in case of failure of the gasoline power system. Regularly, the engine always starts on gasoline, warms up and automatically switches to gas.

– When you select the “GAS” position, the switch supplies voltage (opens) to the electromagnetic gas valve and turns off the electromagnetic gas valve.

– And, conversely, when switching from gas to gas, the switch closes the gas valve and opens the gas.

Everything is done by a gas computer. Gasoline does not shut off, the pump does not turn off. Just turn off the gas injectors, physically, in turn, in the order of their work. The signal from them is used to calculate gas injection. In case of any gas supply failure, for any reason, the gas supply resumes immediately. The motor does not even have time to sneeze or twitch.

– Using the LEDs, the switch allows you to control which fuel is currently being used..

Yes, and the gas level in the cylinder.

– Also, the switch has a special key that controls the gas mixture enrichment. Depending on the modification, the switch may be equipped with a fuel level indicator in the cylinder (for this, the multivalve must be equipped with a fuel level sensor).

The modern HBO system is designed for a simple consumer. Everything is extremely automated, thinking during operation is not necessary, but useful. 🙂

And here is how the gas bottle itself is installed:

While the article was being prepared, new thoughts were born. In the spring there will be another rework. Gas nozzles will receive new mounting brackets, moreover copper, heat-conducting. The mounting location will also be new. All so that the nozzles are heated by engine heat. In addition, the gearbox and filter / sensors will be insulated so that they do not get cold with cold winter air when they walk in the engine compartment.

And generally speaking. For cars with HBO extremely important protect equipment from hypothermia in winter. This will be extremely useful for the engine as a whole.

Nick on the Legion-Avtodata forum – vtral

© 1999 – 2009 Legion Avtodata


Although today about 95% of all cars also consume gasoline or diesel, alternative fuel is quite successfully and irrevocably gaining ground from them. This is facilitated by both the substantial cheapness of such fuel (on average 30-60% lower than the price of gasoline, and 20-40% lower than diesel), as well as investments by large automobile concerns and government programs adopted in most EU countries in support of vehicles using alternative fuels.

In the West, the transition to gas is encouraged – if you want gas, but you want gasoline – Mercedes E200, Ford Focus “consumes” grain alcohol. Hybrids are promising for the city. The next round in the search and development of alternative fuels began in 1992, when the UN World Conference was held in Rio de Janeiro, the main result of which was a declaration on international cooperation in the field of environmental protection and development, including research on the development of environmentally friendly alternative fuels. This agreement was approved at the end of 1997. in the Kyoto Protocol, according to which, industrial countries are obliged to reduce combustible gas emissions (CO2, CH4, N20, etc.) annually by 5.2% compared to 1990. The EU seeks to reduce emissions by 8% by 2010.

Austria, for example, plans to reduce up to 13%.

Now in the Netherlands about 50% of cars use natural gas and every tenth car is liquefied. 95% of Vienna’s bus fleet and 87% of Denmark’s fleet also run on gas. And the total percentage of consumers is growing every year.

In Great Britain, for example, there is a special program for switching to other types of energy (Power Shift Programs): the buyer is compensated for up to 75% of the costs that he incurs to re-equip the car with gas. In Germany, owners of natural gas vehicles are provided with benefits: annual lump-sum compensations at the Euro-4 toxicity standard and tax reduction. When car insurance, the legislation introduced a special environmental rate of 15% of the usual rates.

Alternative Fuel Prospects such that already today, global automakers are talking about the introduction by 2010 of about 50 different models operating on an alternative form of fuel. In Europe, for example, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, MAN, Messer are especially active in this area. And by 2020, according to the UN resolution, which aimed the European countries on the transition of cars to alternative types of motor fuel, an increase in “alternative specialists” is expected to 23% of the total fleet, of which 10% (about 23.5 million units) – on natural gas.

So, apparently, Europe is expecting fuel changes, the preparation of which automobile developers are already actively working on. But, as they say, often new is well forgotten old. What today seems quite exotic and so little used, however strange it may seem, was not considered as such even at the dawn of the automotive industry. So, Henry Ford, at one time expressed the idea that ethanol will be the fuel of the future, offering buyers Ford T with an engine running on ethanol, gasoline, or a mixture thereof. Ethanol itself was produced from beans of soy, corn or hemp. Rudolph Diesel, created in 1890. peanut butter-powered diesel engine successfully realized the idea of ​​biodiesel.

For urban traffic hybrids are still considered the most promising: a gasoline-electric motor. The preferences for choosing fuel by car manufacturers when producing a particular type of car are, of course, determined by numerous other indicators, however, it is obvious that modern realities in the oil market and environmental problems dictate new laws, and today Europe is seriously preparing for changes in this area.


* Federal law on the use of alternative types of motor fuel (Russia)

* Energy Policy Act (USA)

Kettering Foundation study on the feasibility and need for alternative fuels


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