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Nissan Juke (190 hp)

Nissan Juke (190 hp) 1

Nissan Juke 1.6T (190 hp)

Nissan Juke (190 hp) 2

Test Japanese SUV. What are its pros and cons?

Lost in the general stream will not work – Nisan Dzhuk noticeable always and everywhere. They constantly look at him, but they look slightly with bewilderment and even shock. Although, there are approving views that can be concluded that people are trying to understand which segment the car belongs to..

In appearance, the Juk is much more compact than the same Nisan Qashqai. However, getting into the cabin, this is not felt due to the shorter length and height of the body. The width is almost the same. The center tunnel is quite wide for a Class B car, but the three in the back seat are still cramped.

The luggage compartment is small – only bags and bags can be placed here. Although, this is unlikely to confuse the young contingent, for which this car is actually designed.

Such people will not be puzzled by what segment Nisan Djuk can be attributed to, the main thing is that he has his own and unique style.

And for this, you can forgive such flaws as hard plastic trim or the lack of adjustment of the steering column in height. However, driving can still be accommodated comfortably. The engine start button has a controversial location, as a result of which you have to put your hand behind the steering wheel.

On the test – a version with a 1.6-liter turbo engine and a capacity of 190 horsepower. This motor is enough with the head. The manual gearbox also pleases with well-selected gear ratios, high selectivity and a soft clutch pedal. But versions with three pedals are becoming less and less popular. Therefore, marketers put on a variator, which comes together with all-wheel drive. Even with it, the car almost does not lose acceleration dynamics. But, to the four-wheel drive there are questions.

The undoubted advantage of Juka is geometric cross: short overhangs and high ground clearance. But the all-wheel drive system does not involve off-road exploits – there are no locks or downshifts. There are only two clutch packages that are first used in this segment. These packages are located on the rear axles. It is almost a road construction. Obviously, that’s why the engineers left the muffler in sight – it has no protection and passes under the rear axle gearbox. Therefore, the all-wheel drive version is unlikely to be better than a single-wheel drive in a deep rut.

Not much difference is felt on the asphalt. Although, the front-wheel drive car is much more likely to drive aside when accelerating, and this is on a dry surface. Four-wheel drive in wet weather is preferable: acceleration is more confident, cornering stability is higher. The mono drive stalls at the start, and when cornering, the face goes out a little. There is a tendency to skid, but it is extinguished by the stabilization system. This tendency on the fact that the rear suspension is semi-dependent, while the all-wheel drive version is equipped with a multi-link design from Qashqai.

In normal mode, the behavior of front-wheel and all-wheel drive cars is similar. Minor irregularities can be overcome without problems, while in the corners the driver enjoys driving, because the body rolls are small even for a golf car, and the feedback on the steering wheel remains transparent.

Change the configuration of the steering and the variator allows the display on the center console called D-MODE. In this case, the climate keys change their names to Normal, Eco and Sport. This, of course, is an interesting solution, but the main thing is not to play this on the road and not to fly into the ditch.

Total. Nissan Dzhuk is difficult to attribute to the SUV, but you can not call it a hatchback either. Four-wheel drive (albeit modest) and high ground clearance will allow you to call on a high curb and overcome a small snowdrift, and a well-tuned chassis will delight an active driver. In this regard, small flaws in ergonomics and the low quality of interior materials, as well as a cramped interior, are unlikely to stop those wishing to purchase this car.


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