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Nissan Maxima

Nissan Maxima 1

Nissan Maxima

Nissan Maxima 2

The first model appeared in 1984, then it was a variant of the Bluebird model, the U11 series. The same angular, but with a powerful 170-horsepower engine, acceleration to 200 kilometers per hour and fuel consumption of 17 liters per 100 kilometers.

The car, as a separate model, was released in 1988. The J30 series had a simple design, but large dimensions and a spacious interior. A three-liter V6 engine was installed, a variation of the automatic or mechanic box.

The next generation of Maxima QX (Cefiro) was released in 1994, there was a functional instrument panel, equipment changed depending on the country. Multi-link beam suspension did not allow the car to walk relative to the body. There was cruise control, reliable locks, power steering and steering pad, which was regulated. In 1997, another variation of the body appeared – the station wagon.

In 2000, a new model appeared, it became more presentable and more pronounced. Improved security, dynamics, but at the same low cost. The car has grown significantly and increased. The new form has the best panoramic, aerodynamic qualities. The interior and trunk have become more spacious. There was a socket, electric lifts, high-quality audio system.

Nissan Maxim of the new generation appeared in 2003, now its sportiness is emphasized. The car has two modifications: sports and executive. Still continued the theme of increasing the cabin and increasing comfort.

The development of Nissan Maxima is still ongoing, what else will surprise us, we will see in the near future.


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