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Nissan Murano – Japanese car with American standards

Nissan Murano - Japanese car with American standards 1

Nissan Murano – Japanese car with American standards

Nissan Murano - Japanese car with American standards 2

In the USA, slightly different standards are set for cars than in other countries. According to Americans, cars should be powerful, dynamic, have a roomy, comfortable interior. Therefore, many automakers are developing vehicles specifically for sales in the United States. Nissan Murano was created just for this, but the car project was so successful that its sales began in Europe, and last year, Murano appeared in our car dealerships..

Features of interior design

Landing in the cabin at the driver’s seat is quite original. When the doors open, the steering wheel rises, and the chair moves back, so you can literally jump into the cabin. The plastic of the panels is soft to the touch, the seats are lined with leather, the floor of the cabin is covered with full-size rugs.

No parking sensors are installed in the Nissan Murano, but you will not experience parking problems. In the back of the car there is a video camera with a good resolution, plus one more camera on the right rear-view mirror. Thanks to these technical tricks, even a novice can easily park anywhere.

There is a lot of space in the cabin of the car in question. In the back row of seats, passengers can accommodate with the same comfort as in a limousine. The backs of the rear seats are adjustable in angle with an electric drive and are heated. A wide armrest is located in the center of the sofa, which can be raised if necessary. Landing through the wide doorways.

Vehicle technical equipment

Since Nissan Murano was developed for sales in the United States, the automaker supplied it with a powerful 3.5-liter gasoline engine. This power unit is paired with an All-Mode 4×4-i all-wheel drive transmission. The combination of these units allows you to disperse a rather massive Murano to hundreds in just eight seconds. But, at the same time, the fuel consumption in the city will be about 15 liters; on the highway, fuel consumption is reduced to nine liters.

While driving, Nissan Murano literally “floats” along the road. A powerful engine perfectly pulls an almost two-ton car without jerks, which are often observed in turbocharged engines. Suspension perfectly fulfills the bumps in the road. Small pits, patches and even low borders, the car simply does not notice. Therefore, you experience real pleasure from riding Murano.


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