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Nissan Note

Nissan Note 1

Without keyword

They say that many have already encountered such malfunctions, but for the first time. And at first I didn’t understand what the main reason was, I went along the beaten path: I decided that the control unit was to blame for the malfunction and should be changed. Rave! Illiteracy! But what to do, I tell you as it is, although admitting to this is a little embarrassing (here comes a tortured smile) …

He just once again received a slap from the back of his head from life and realized: “To study, study and study again, as grandfather Lenin bequeathed.” Yes, of course, you can justify the fact that this machine is not specialized, I do not know many subtleties and nuances, but no one has canceled Ohm’s law! In short, I did not take into account some points at the initial diagnosis stage and almost got …

So, I will begin. A motor is like a motor, and even not at all dirty, it’s much more pleasant to work with this than with the motors of rider drivers who are just “slippers to the floor” and don’t even think about maintenance.

Nissan Note 2

According to the client, the problem itself usually looked like (they say “there was no sign of trouble”), the client described the malfunction of his car simply and briefly: – Troit, infection!

Well, it’s troit and troit, it’s not a question, as they say, there were a lot of similar ones (SCHA NALADIM ?!).

With the help of an oscilloscope and an inductive patch sensor, he made several measurements and without even making a smart face, he quickly found faulty elements. They turned out to be individual ignition coils, the so-called COP (Coil-on-Plug), and to fully confirm my diagnosis, I dismantled them and checked them on the table.

A simple verification procedure (you can say “on the knee”) of this type of coil I have already described earlier in this article:, who are interested can see, read.

My diagnosis was confirmed, and I issued a verdict:
– You have two ignition coils covered. Need to change!

To change, to change this way, the client did not argue, he stood nearby and saw all stages of the check. I saw with my own eyes that two coils are not working. I went, bought, brought, the benefit of spare parts are not scarce and in many auto parts stores are available. He’s even in a good mood, the problem is nasty, now the coils will change and again on the road!

In the photo below, the moment of work. It’s not very convenient to crawl up to the coils; the air filter housing is interfering from above; Yes, oh, these designers, everyone is fighting for compactness, they are inventing everything, but we need to break our hands or half machines to crawl for diagnosis or repair.

Nissan Note 3

Putting the coils in place, I looked toward Mitsubishi, who stood and waited for the repair line. Here she is a profile machine, it will be easier to deal with it than with this Nissan! Those who are engaged in car repair know that if they have divided for themselves and made a choice: “I will repair only a certain circle of cars”, then the quality of work will increase. Our technical center mainly makes Mitsubishi and Toyota cars, these are “profile”, but put the rest off-profile at the end of the queue or start when there is a “window”. I don’t want to give anyone advice (this is always a bad and thankless job), but in my opinion, it’s right to deal with only a narrow (relatively) circle of cars being repaired. Look at least at Dmitry Yuryevich, nickname mek, who has become a real “guru” for the diagnosis and repair of Mitsubishi. So I will strive for the same …

I replaced the ignition coils, started the engine – well, everything is fine, it works like a watch! And he just turned to the client to inform him of the end of work, as the engine started, twitched and … began to work intermittently. Stop jamming!

“Someone he’s a YEPON gramophone” … He wrote it so calmly. And inside, in fact, everything exploded! Emotions, emotions … but he restrained himself and reassuringly told the client: “It’s okay, everything is under control, now we’ll figure out what else this engine needs for smooth operation.

And the client fell in disbelief. Apparently, I understood the seventh feeling that he couldn’t leave repair so quickly … I felt the same way. I was upset about what to say, this feeling is also familiar to many repairmen: “Victory is near, but so far not to seize”.

The situation analysis is as follows:
1. The car came with the problem of “triple”.
2. The death of two ignition coils was calculated.
3. New ignition coils were supplied, the engine started, it worked quite smoothly, but after a while it began to fail – what is the reason?

It’s time to feel the coils, tactfully, in clever words … Well, one of the newly replaced ones warmed up more than others, maybe the defective one got caught, or something else? I wait, when the coil cools down, I connect the oscilloscope, I turn on the engine again and carefully look at the control pulse from the ECM at the coil, which suddenly “went out”.

The waveform did not bode well. Where ZERO volt should be, 1.109v was present, i.e. the transistor in the ignition coil will not close completely, respectively, the primary winding of the coil will not turn off, and eventually the coil or transistor will burn. The first and most common that comes to mind: “The engine control unit is to blame!”, It also controls the supply of pulses to the coils: when there are no obvious reasons, it is easiest to suspect the control unit.
– That’s it, come! The control unit is in repair, it is to blame for the ignition coils burn out ….
The owner of the car was completely upset. He began to ask where to get a new BRAIN for his horse, how much it (BRAIN) can cost and whether it can be repaired..

I called a cool specialist in Nissan, Arid Omarovich Gadzhiev, he also works in Moscow like me, only in the center.
– Arid Omarovich, do you have a new control unit or maybe you can repair the control unit in Nissan …
I like the “auto repair guru”! The main thing here is to know them and not be impudent with constant requests, if you call, then rarely, and speak specifically, in essence, otherwise you will come across as a hollow.

I like why: Arid calmly asked what kind of car, what year, body, what the car came with, what symptoms, what the oscilloscope showed and other nuances …
And then unexpectedly: – Check the masses, I already had such cases!

Both-on … “masses”? What a twist. We need to understand more seriously, our reputation and service are at stake, and last but not least, you can get a tidy sum if the control unit bought by the client does not eliminate the problems with the ignition coils burning out. This means that the problem is not in the block, and in this case you will have to pay for the block and keep it as a souvenir, since such goods cannot be returned back to the store (in any case, not in our country).

Well, if the guru in the Nissans said in which direction to dig, then there is no way to do without a general electrical circuit. We look at what the Motordat program tells us:

Nissan Note 4

This is a general wiring diagram for the engine control unit. I will not advertise, but it’s convenient, the whole scheme is before my eyes.

Here they are, all the masses of the coils and the control unit.

It’s very convenient, you don’t have to go through the pages of the manuals and look for the necessary points, here you just need to double-click the mouse – the “Location” menu appears:

Nissan Note 5

Another click, and a complete picture of all the points of connection with the mass opens:

Nissan Note 6

I won’t argue, MOTORDATA saved me time!

Now the tester is up and down on Nissan.

Further analysis revealed a lot of interesting things. Some MASS compounds had obvious signs of oxidation, while others were simply not sufficiently attracted! Just some kind of “mass of MASS malfunctions. “. In short, nonsense!

He cleaned and pulled up all mass connections. For reliability, I duplicated the mass on the ignition coils. As the saying goes: “Having burnt milk, you blow into the water” and “God saves the One who is safe!” I connected the oscilloscope to the control channel of the ignition coil again and started the engine. To everyone’s joy, he worked smoothly, but for complacency, I monitored the temperature of the ignition coils with an infrared pyrometer, there was no overheating -URA! Here is how the oscillogram of the control pulse to the coil began to look, after putting all the mass connections in order:

Nissan Note 7

(0.024v vs 1.109v!)
You will not say anything, – it was lucky that when the engine worked with new coils with poor-quality electrical connections, the coils did not have time to burn out.
Well, the goal is achieved, the car is repaired, the client and the diagnostician are happy in their own way. The topic can be closed.

In conclusion, I want to draw your attention to the fact that there are a lot of car forums on the Internet with even more different tips, useful , useless and the most annoying, harmful . It became interesting to me, and I “ran over” to some of these forums, and read what they advise with this problem, i.e. in case of burnout of the ignition coils on the Nissan Note. Here is what was written there:
“My friend, I’ve been doing repairs for several years, so I’ll say that your coils are burning on your laptop because of bad spark plugs! Change and do not worry! ”.
Another confirmed: “Coils fly out due to incorrect or faulty candles and faulty BB wires. “.
As usual in such forums, a gnash of teeth arose: “Where did the high-voltage wires come from? Have you ever seen this motor. There are only signaling. “.
Once the advice “to check the mass” slipped through, but the author of the post laughed: “check the horseradish, and here the mass and“ coils are burning ”.
Many third-party tips will lead to such a dead end that you will spend money, time and nerves to get out of it. So, “we must take away the grain from the chaff!” There is a different sea of ​​information, and so I decided for myself, if I watch something on the network with regards to Nissanov, then only articles by Arid Omarovich (useful). On Nissan many problems arise precisely because of the poor mass.

I shot part of this diagnostic process for this car on video, which says in great detail about the checks and the situation itself as a whole:

Have you looked? I tried to tell in detail as I could. Now you know another reason “why ignition coils burn”.

Kudryavtsev Mikhail Evgenievich (nickname on the forum Legion-Avtodata – AVTEL)
Moscow, Suzdalskaya St., 9, car service “VTS”


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