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Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol 1

Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol 2

Nissan has released the Patrol model, which has earned popularity around the world. The model belonged to the class of off-road vehicles with increased cross-country ability. The history of Patrol is long and spans several generations..

In 1951, this model appeared in the form of a simple SUV. At that time, the car served the police and the army. The car had thick sidewalls and doors that had plexiglass windows. You can freely say that those who were in the cabin were almost isolated. As a material, dermatin was used. In the sixties, a new 60 series was released. The car became more comfortable, the body became a gesture. The sides of the hood have become flat. This car had 2 modifications. A little updated line of engines. In the late seventies comes a completely changed SUV. The design of the exterior of the car has changed. The wheelbase was slightly shortened. A four-speed gearbox was installed. Soon to replace this model comes Patrol 260, which came out in 1983. The headlights have become round. Slightly changed the shape of the body. This model has increased load capacity (300 kilograms). The engine range includes: gasoline, diesel and turbocharged diesel engines. Five years later, Patrol Y60 or Patrol GR comes out. This time the car was more equipped. The developers made a wide track and arch extensions. The wheelbase, as always, was varied in length. The suspension was now on coil springs. Already in 1997, the car was again updated. The presentation of the model took place in Frankfurt, and this has become the 5th generation of this machine. The body was completely modified, now the car had rounded shapes. The level of comfort was on top. The grille became fake and appeared in the form of the letter V. The model had 5 different types of bodywork. Improved both passive and active safety. A couple of years later a new modification of the car came out. A new engine has entered the line of units. It is possible to install either a 4-speed or 50-speed gearbox. In 2001, Nissan Patrol GR turned 50 years old, in honor of which a gasoline version of the model was released. In 2001, SUV updates were released. The appearance of the car has slightly changed, the range of engines has been updated. Subsequent modifications came out in 2010, 2013 and 2014. Big changes did not occur, slightly updated design and engine line.


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