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Nissan Tiida 2015

Nissan Tiida 2015 1

Nissan Tiida 2015

Nissan Tiida 2015 2

In Russia, they prefer large, spacious cars. But the only thing that can keep our person from buying a bigger car is an insufficient amount of funds. Car manufacturers have already navigated the values ​​of the mysterious Russian soul and, as they can, satisfy the consumer.

Following the large and relatively affordable Nissan Centra sedan, the Japanese company launched the Nissan Tiida hatchback on the market. Outside, it is similar to the European Pulsar, but in terms of technical content, it is unified.

Subframes, racks, many power components of the bottom were taken. The car steadily withstands the troubles of domestic roads, does not tire you with shaking and tremors, but does not dive very well into turns. The power plant adjusts for soft and comfortable movement, which has a volume of 1.6 liters. High gear lever mechanics walks in the wings too loose.

You can also note the clutch pedal. It is not heavy, and the moment of inclusion begins to be felt only with the time of adaptation. Original automatic transmission. This is an ordinary V-belt variator. And it works in accordance with terrible freezes and other distinguishing features common for such a transmission. With strong acceleration, a barely perceptible specificity is expressed. The engine speed first jumps up, and then sequentially increases to maximum performance. Long hold the gas pedal of great desire does not appear. It works quietly at high speeds. Pleases fuel consumption. With different types of gearboxes, the flow rate is 8 liters in the city.

For which, undoubtedly, it is worth buying a Nissan Tiida, this is exactly for the interior of the car. Firstly, it is truly spacious. The wheelbase and sensible ergonomic design provided a decent reserve of space on two lines of the car. The finish looks good enough. Only the upper part of the front panel is made of soft material. Only adding carbon look simple, but the overall impression is quite favorable.

When the engine is operating normally, the car is quiet and comfortable. The vehicle equipment may be different, it depends on the price. The maximum configuration lacks only leather trim. The basic version is equipped in a European style.

2015 Nissan Tiida, positioning itself as an inexpensive car. Therefore, it falls into the characteristic price gap for the golf class today..


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