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Nissan Tiida

Nissan Tiida 1

Nissan Tiida

Nissan Tiida 2

The conservative and inexpressive Tiide of the first generation was replaced by a worthy replacement. What’s new?

The appearance of the new hatchback has become more interesting and attractive. Rough forms and chopped optics of the predecessor gave way to soft and smooth outlines. The body has become more “European” – with well-balanced proportions and interesting rear optics.

Salon also has undergone significant changes for the better. The interior is organized succinctly, and the quality of the materials is at a decent level. On the center console appeared Russified multimedia display, with the ability to display navigation. The dashboard with fringing is functional and beautiful in appearance.

The driver’s seat has a wide range of adjustments, however, the protruding lumbar support will create discomfort. The rear sofa is very spacious. Even the third passenger will not be upset, and will enjoy the almost complete absence of a central tunnel. The luggage compartment of 307 liters is only suitable for medium-sized luggage, but it can be increased by folding the back of the back sofa, thereby obtaining 1319 liters of usable space.

Tiidu is powered by a 1.6-liter naturally-aspirated engine with 117 horsepower. It is paired with a stepless variator. Milestones in the first hundred cars overcome in 11.3 seconds and reaches a maximum of 180 km / h.

In the city, the dynamics of this power unit are quite enough, but outside its limits a lack of power begins to be felt, especially when overtaking. We have to pre-calculate the trajectory of the completion of the maneuver and the distance to the first oncoming car.

The steering has a long steering rack, which makes almost 3.5 turns from lock to lock. This seriously affects the steering wheel response – steering sensitivity is low. So, take turns to be careful. In addition to the “sluggish” steering wheel, significant body rolls that exacerbate cornering stability. But even such a Tiida is better in handling than the previous generation, which completely refused to keep the desired trajectory with increasing speed.

The suspension has long strokes, and acceptable stiffness. However, there is a buildup on unevenness and trembling on the body. Moreover, with increasing speed, the situation worsens. But, the ground clearance of 182 millimeters will obviously be to the taste in our country, where instead of roads – solid directions.

The Nissan Tiida of the new generation has become noticeably more spacious, better and more functional. Of course, you need to reconsider the steering settings in the direction of better handling, but in all other respects the car turned out to be good.


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