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Opel and Chevrolet spare parts: Parts from the manufacturer

Opel and Chevrolet spare parts: Parts from the manufacturer 1

Parts Opel and Chevrolet: Parts from the manufacturer – the best solution

Elegant Chevrolet and unfading Opel have one thing in common – they were created to improve the quality of life of people. And for these famous brands to successfully cope with such a function, for a long time they pleased drivers with their trouble-free operation – they need timely technical support and service.

Manufacturers recommend using original certified spare parts with unique numbers and delivered in original factory packaging for car repair and maintenance. But very often consumers are offered non-original counterparts, the cost of which is much lower. The problem of the right choice spare parts for Opel and Chevrolet always faces their owners when it comes to repair or maintenance. There are several reasons for concern for motorists and professionals, but the main one is the presence of low-grade products on the market for spare parts, the installation of which on a car is simply unacceptable!

Opel and Chevrolet spare parts: Parts from the manufacturer 2

Tough choice

The fact that today there is a large selection of spare parts for cars of General Motors concern pleases drivers. However, the “pedigree” of all parts is different: they can be original, non-original and counterfeit. What do these terms mean??

Meets Specific Technical Standards the original the details – those from which manufacturing plants assemble new cars on assembly lines. They also enter the dealer network. The peculiarity of the original parts is that they can produce parts by order of the Chevrolet and Opel brands not only at different enterprises, but even in different countries. Therefore, both in South Korean Chevrolet and in cars manufactured by the German company Opel, there may be both French and German spare parts, and even from China. But all of them are considered original, because the quality of such parts is strictly controlled by the car manufacturer. Unique number eliminates errors when ordering.

Like many automakers, Opel and Chevrolet select several suppliers at once on the same auto part. Therefore, if belts or suspension parts of the manufacturer Lemforder are installed on the car, then the same parts from Sachs or Boge (all of them are part of ZF Corporation) are quite suitable for replacement. Very often Lemforder in its packages offers CTR (Korea) spare parts for South Korean Chevrolet. Their quality meets the highest requirements of car manufacturers..

Many well-known companies producing auto parts have their plants in many countries (ZF has more than 120). Therefore, it is not necessary to pay attention to the country in which the spare part was released. We must buy original spare parts from a manufacturer that guarantees their quality, and does not place beautiful labels on the packaging.

Aftermarket – parts manufactured for cars (the same Opel and Chevrolet), but other plants. They are created from simpler materials, and in quality they are slightly inferior to the original ones. But their production is quite official, and manufacturing technology is not violated. Non-original parts are dealt with by specialists of ordinary car services, you can independently purchase them at specialized car dealerships, or use the services of an online store. They are cheaper than the original ones, the difference in auto parts in price (depending on their purpose) can reach 60%.

Of course, both original and non-original parts are suitable for any car. Since warranty cars are usually serviced by dealers, their specialists apply Opel spare parts and Chevrolet spare parts only “relatives”, they are more reliable. After the end of the warranty period, many car owners switch to non-original spare parts to save money..

Now about counterfeit auto parts. They are products of illegal production. It is clear that strict adherence to the technology for their manufacture is out of the question. Externally, counterfeit parts (and packaging) are very similar to the original. Their strength is price. It makes no sense to convince drivers of the unpredictability of the behavior of the car and its systems after installing “stuck together” it is not clear where and from what auto parts.

Therefore, the guarantee of the safe and full operation of Opel and Chevrolet cars will be:

  • servicing them only in trusted authorized service centers that have an impeccable reputation;
  • GM Approved Acquisition spare parts to Opel and Chevrolet in specialized car dealerships (after studying the documents indicating the manufacturer, as well as the place and time of their manufacture).

It must be remembered – the safety of the car, its reliability and longevity depends not only on competent operation, but also on the quality of the installed parts.

Information provided by the online store of spare parts “Akar Parts”


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