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Opel Astra H

Opel Astra H 1

Without keyword

When a non-profile car comes across diagnostics and repair, the question immediately arises in my head: “What will I look at?”.
Not every non-core car can be checked by the available means, but if there is a multimarochnik – why not try.
The car was acquaintances, they asked to see, because their trips “somewhere in the car service centers” did not bring any result. What bothered the client:
– engine temperature. Sometimes the value was critical
– the “key” was lit from time to time, that is, in our opinion, in the Japanese “CHECK”, so that you understand
Multimarker did not fail: issued the available errors, P0480.
And it was great: it is possible to search for a malfunction “by ear and by nose”, but it is inconvenient, it does not leave a feeling that you are hanging in the air without any support.
And when there is a specific indication by mistake, then you can optimistically roll up your sleeves and follow the knurled circuits that every auto-diagnosis must have.

What is visible under the hood:

Opel Astra H 2

This is not a vague question: as of the state of the motor, many conclusions can be drawn. Take it into service, it will definitely help: after two hundred open hoods, you can learn the “science of assumption” – age, mileage, condition, quality of service and relevant conclusions.
Sounded about the “knurled circuits” does not carry anything negative.
First of all, the schemes of work are rolled up by you personally.
Secondly, there cannot be few such schemes: if you have a head and experience, then there should be hundreds of schemes, and each one is remembered depending on the situation (and then fixed in memory forever).

What to do next?
Here, it depends on the experience gained and dexterity: if there is experience, then a request is given to the head, they say, if there had been such a malfunction before?
If there is no experience, then you can, for example, go to this address and in the line at the top right make a request like “Typical Malfunctions” … “Opel Astra” and so on.
In addition, when troubleshooting such malfunctions, it is always advisable to have an electrical circuit at hand. It’s good when the car is profile, and if not, then you need to open the Internet and look there.
I don’t know, maybe I was looking badly, but I came across only such a scheme, not quite complete and accurate, but according to which it was possible to guess something by assumptions (and what to do? Sometimes you have to do it: “Guessing on coffee grounds with a view of the motor “):

Opel Astra H 3

Thank God, I have some experience. Therefore, I sent a request to my head, waited for an answer … for sure, I came across a similar machine, also Opel … and what was the reason there? Grinding wiring … but where? Inside the corrugation … it’s a weak spot?
You should never neglect written on the Internet. Of course, “common rubbish” also comes across, but a person was created for this purpose to separate the grain from the chaff (original banality). I will say for example: in articles on the Legion-Avtodat website (there are already more than 1,000 articles, by the way!), A similar malfunction has already been described, both on approximately the same engine and on others:
And here: , and in other similar places you can always dig up really valuable information. Dig and store. It won’t take up much space, and the benefits are undoubted.

To verify the accuracy of my assumption, I check the signal from the engine control unit to the fan with an indicator:

Opel Astra H 4

Next will be the process of opening the corrugation.

Opel Astra H 5

And finding the alleged fault:

Opel Astra H 6

Intuition did not fail … although the word “intuition” should be understood a little different: “experience gained over the years”.
As expected at the initial look under the hood, the age of the car played a role, including operating conditions: a damaged corrugation made it possible to seep inside water and reagents from Moscow roads. And water, as you know, “always finds a hole” – and it happened here. And here is the cause of the malfunction:

Opel Astra H 7

Watch the video on the work done:


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