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Opel Astra J

Opel Astra J 1

Opel Astra J

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We will talk about the 2012 Opel Astra J with the A16LET engine.

A brief history of misadventures is outlined below. Below are photos to visualize the subject of conversation.

The thermostat is one of the sore spots of Opel cars.
The newfound owner of some Astra will find out about this a couple of months after the acquisition. The car in question was no exception. The thermostat flowed in exactly a month after purchase. Through this, he was promptly replaced under warranty and forgotten for about a year. Until a new problem arrives. Periodically, a panel like “Maintenance time has come” on the panel (this is a spit in the direction of GM, which could not find a more adequate translation), after which the engine cooling fan turned on at maximum speed. It was more or less tolerant in warm days, but with the onset of winter, this thirst for coolness began to irritate somewhat. And Google rained inquiries.

The very first answer from google was “error on the coolant temperature sensor”. The prescription was to replace this sensor. The catalogs pretty quickly gave out the sensor number, stores announced the cost in the region of 300 rubles, so in a couple of days the sensor was in my hands.

This sensor is inserted into the thermostat housing and fixed with a bracket. When dismantling the staples, the “antennae” holding this bracket was broken off. The reason is not only the artist’s crooked hands, but also the fragility of the thermostat housing – it is made of plastic.
There is nothing to lose, and the new sensor was fixed with sealant. However, this did not give relief, the error again arose literally in half a day.

Now Google was questioned in more detail, and gave the following evidence:

– The thermostat in Astra J is very smart and electronically controlled. More specifically, a heating element is built into it. The control unit, if necessary, supplies the voltage of the required level, the thermostat opens to the desired degree, despite the fact that the coolant has not yet reached the temperature that is necessary for the “natural” opening of the thermostat. This allows you to more flexibly control the circulation of the coolant;

– an error can occur both in the temperature sensor and in heating the thermostat. That is, the resistance of the thermostat heating circuit is monitored by the control unit, and if it goes beyond any limits, an error is generated. The fan turns on, presumably, just in case. The error code is easily read by the dealer scanner. But according to the accumulated statistics – problems with the temperature sensor are more relevant for Astra H, for Astra J it is more often the error in the heating circuit that occurs.

Based on the fact that I already involuntarily checked the version with the temperature sensor, it only remained to replace the thermostat. And given the damage caused when replacing the sensor, you must also change its body.

Here one more interesting moment was found out. As you know, Astra has a half brother – Chevrolet Cruze. The thermostats there are used almost the same, the only difference is one – the “Kruzovsky” has a metal case. This is visual. And operational – so far no complaints have been noticed about the Cruz thermostat installed on Astra.

As a result, the event cost 6001 rubles – that is how much the cheapest thermostat with housing cost at the beginning of 2014. Its code is 55564890. If the case were not needed, it would be

2000 rubles. A total of half an hour of reflection and collection of information (more precisely, reluctance to spend half an hour) cost 4000 rubles (+300 rubles per sensor).

About the thermostat itself. The assembly of the opelevsky (regular) thermostat looks like this. In the photo, he is turned to us with the side that is adjacent to the cylinder block. The gleaming brass contraption is just the working part of the temperature sensor. A separately lying bracket is just designed to fix this sensor. The pipe on the right is on the radiator. Actually, the pipe is structurally a thermostat in the body, the right part, as you can see, is bolted. At the same time, the “thermostat in the housing” and the “thermostat housing” according to the catalogs are different parts, below I will show everything clearly.

The same thermostat assembly under other angles:

This is what the temperature sensor looks like, which I mistakenly sentenced first:

So it is fixed in the thermostat housing. You can see what exactly was broken off by the skilled hands of the master:

Now again about what a “thermostat housing”, “a thermostat assembly”, and “a thermostat in a housing” are. The terminological confusion is caused by the fact that until a certain time on almost all machines the thermostat looked something like this:

That is, it is a spring-loaded valve that opens when the temperature changes. On modern machines, this valve is structurally combined with a pipe going to the radiator. The same pipe is the thermostat housing. This, in principle, is convenient – judging from the point of view of ease of maintenance. Presumably, in the manufacture of a car this is also a plus.

As a result, a modern thermostat most often looks like this (this is already our discussed hero):

The connector of the same heating sticks out on the side:

This is what the rest looks like – the case, which, in fact, serves as a sort of “junction box”, if we resort to electrical terms:

The thermostat is attached to the housing with four bolts with a head type “internal torx” or “internal sprocket”. In short, you need a key designated as “E10”.

Actually, in the budget version of replacing the thermostat (when the integrity of the thermostat housing is not violated by professionals), only the thermostat itself, shown in the two photos above, is replaced.

Once again: “thermostat” and “thermostat in the housing” in this case are synonyms. “Thermostat housing” is a box attached to the engine, from which the hoses of the cooling system diverge. The “thermostat assembly” is the “thermostat housing” plus the “thermostat in the housing” screwed to it. Mayakovsky said “rough poster language”, and we – “clumsy language spare parts catalog”.

Now a few words about the location of the thermostat and the appearance of the assembly of the Chevrolet Cruze. Unfortunately, he was not photographed before installation, so all the photos are from a live machine.

Here is a general view of the A16LET motor:

To the right of the engine itself, we see the intake duct coming from the turbine. Right below it is the same thermostat. Change the angle:

Here it is, closer. Unfortunately, it is partially closed, but you can recognize familiar features. It can be seen that the thermostat itself in a metal case:

The procedure for replacing the thermostat was not fixed, but in general it is of little interest – everything is standard, large-scale dismantling of the harness is not required, there are no specifics. The only thing worth paying attention to is all plastic, so it is highly advisable to control all tightening torques with a torque wrench.

Bochkanov Evgeny Aleksandrovich

© Legion Avtodata


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