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Opel Corsa 2001

Opel Corsa 2001 1

Opel Corsa 2001

Opel Corsa 2001 2

The very first model Opel Corsa of the European branch of GM can rightly be considered one of the most successful cars of the concern. Having rolled off the assembly lines of eleven car factories in five countries and sold in 80 countries, it was awarded more than twenty designer awards, and in a number of countries (Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Portugal) it was among the most purchased cars. From 1993 to 2001, the Corsa II generation was “replicated” in the amount of 6 million copies, which is twice the sales level of the Corsa I generation model.

The debut of the new model of the third generation on September 28, 2001 gave rise to hopes that the new product will have no less success with buyers. It was the burden of impending responsibility that pushed the creators of the car on, rather, evolutionary than revolutionary solutions. The third-generation Opel Corsa has a strong family resemblance to its predecessor and to the successful “older sister” – Opel Astra. The original ones are only the taillights that are placed high on the racks. All other external body panels became noticeably more muscular, and the lines and contours became more modern and brighter..

Compared with the previous version, the new car has become noticeably larger, which allowed to increase its usable volume of its interior. The base grew by 48 mm (up to 2491 mm), and now Corsa has become the champion in the class in this parameter. The car has a fairly capacious trunk volume of 0.26 cubic meters. m, which with the rear seats folded increases to a volume of 1.06 cubic meters. Serious aerodynamic studies allowed to reduce the Cx to 0.32 – a very good value for a car with a length of only 3.8 m. The most striking detail of the appearance – the lights extended along the rear pillar of the body, compositionally combined with the tailgate window, made the car memorable.

The interior of the car is hardly a luxury. In none of the competitors does the center console contain such an abundance of expensive attributes. There is also a navigation complex unit with an audio system and a four-disc CD changer, an integrated hands-free telephone and the latest climate control system. Soon, cruise control will be added to them..

Passive safety of those sitting in the car is ensured by airbags (two front and two side) and active head restraints, which, in a collision, support the head of those sitting in front, insuring against vertebral damage. There is a new Corsa model and a pedal system disconnect system at the time of the accident. She has established herself on the Opel Vectra and Opel Omega..

The desire to expand the circle of customers explains the wide range of proposed power units. It is expected that approximately 40% of buyers will choose a car with a 58-horsepower three-cylinder engine, the volume of which is 1.0 liters. There are more powerful gasoline versions: a 1.2-liter version with a capacity of 75 hp, a 1.4-liter version with a power of 90 hp. and finally a 1.8-liter 125 horsepower engine. Obviously, all the powertrains of vehicles comply with Euro 4 2005 standards. There is also a complete set with a diesel engine and turbocharging. The diesel volume was 1.7 liters. with power, depending on boost pressure, of 65 or 75 hp.

In addition to five-speed manual gearboxes and a four-speed “automatic”, the Easytronic gearbox was proposed for the first time for the Corsa model. It makes the clutch pedal superfluous and is a mechanical five-speed unit with automatic gear shifting. The front suspension of the MacPherson-type car and the rack and pinion steering gear (an electric power steering with variable efficiency depending on speed are used as an amplifier) ​​are mounted on a subframe. There are two types of rear suspensions: with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine with 65 hp diesel the old unit from the previous Corsa model is installed. On more powerful versions – from Opel Astra.

The main innovations of the braking system for Corsa III cars: equipping all modifications as standard with ABS paired with EBD. In addition to the fact that the average fuel consumption of all models decreased by 5%, the interservice mileage increased to 30 thousand km.

In conclusion, we can say that Corsa, introduced in 2001, has seriously changed the market of urban compact cars. In the CIS, they are popular because of the low price, high quality and reliability. It is safe to say that thanks to this model, Opel has become a truly “people’s” brand. Indeed, even now, when modern Corsa models have already appeared, they are all based on the development and experience of the same model of 2001, which became a truly legendary car in its niche.


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