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Opel Corsa D: chip-tuning

Opel Corsa D: chip-tuning 1

Opel Corsa D: chip-tuning

The heroes of today’s story are the Opel Corsa D car, the Check Engine indicator on the panel and a list of errors in the engine ECU. The car of 2007 of release, with 3-cylinder, 12-valve motor Z10XEP, having the following characteristics: – The engine capacity is 998 cc. – Engine power – 60hp. / 5600 rpm – Torque – 88 Nm / 3800 rpm Computer diagnostics of car Opel Corsa D 1.0L

Opel Corsa D 1.0L Z10XEP – Scan results, diagnostic tool ScanDoc:
– P0030 – O2 sensor heater 1, bank 1 (open circuit)
– P0134 – Sensor O2 1, bank 1 (out of range)
– P0135 – O2 sensor heater 1, bank 1 (fault in the circuit)
According to these errors, after checking by the device, the first oxygen sensor, which was before the catalyst, was sentenced. To be replaced, without options.
– P0038 – O2 sensor heater 2, bank 1 (high voltage)
– P0141 – Sensor heater O2 2, bank 1 (fault in the circuit)
These errors, talked about the failure of the second oxygen sensor, which is after the catalyst. After checking the device, it turned out that this is really so. To change it did not become, because the owner of the car preferred to make chip-tuning, with the firmware under the Euro 2 toxicity standard, at which, the necessity of having a second lambda probe disappears. And the cost of replacing the sensor and the cost of the firmware are equivalent. – P0704 – Clutch pedal switch (fault in the circuit) Here, the “end” of the clutch pedal itself was faulty, ordered, changed.

Chip-tuning car Opel Corsa D 1.0L Opel Corsa D 1.0L Z10XEP – This is how the process of reading and writing the firmware of the engine ECU The engine of this car is controlled by the Bosch ME7.6.2 unit, our equipment allows you to change its software, without removing and parsing. We connect the AVDI device (Abrites Vehicle Diagnostic Interface) to the car, read the firmware, use its identifiers to buy the modified (EURO2) and record the purchased back to the unit.

Opel Corsa D: chip-tuning 2

Results of chip-tuning of car Opel Corsa D 1.0L
– The electronic engine control unit is loaded with an “elastic” version of the firmware, with optimized dynamics.
– In the firmware, the failure is eliminated during acceleration, the fuel cut-off turns in the movement are raised, up to 7200 rpm.
– Downloaded version of the firmware with the EURO2 toxicity norms, allows complete removal of the catalytic converter, the second oxygen sensor.
The works were carried out using the ADS software ARS, the corresponding certificate, with authentication codes, sent to the client

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