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Opel Frontera

Opel Frontera 1

Opel Frontera

Opel Frontera 2

Opel Frontera was introduced in 1991 in Geneva. The car is not German, but looks like a Japanese jeep, only more European. The initial generation of the car was very similar to the prototype from Japan. The changes were carried by the power unit, which was made in Germany. Initially, Frontera had 2 body types: 3-door and 5-door. The engines were used in two types – gasoline and turbodiesel. Brakes mounted front and rear.

In 1995, the car was modernized. This time, the doors of the car opened to the sides, and spare wheels began to be placed on them. Springs changed to springs.

The next generation of this model, appeared in 1998. The exterior of the car has changed slightly. A new grille appeared, the look of the bumper changed. In general, the whole appearance of the machine has become modern thanks to the new smooth lines. Wheel arches were also updated. The taillights are connected to ventilation vents. Now in the series of engines there is another gasoline unit. An electrical system was installed, with which you can turn off all-wheel drive with just the push of a button. With an additional fee, you can install an automatic transmission. The handling of the car was improved. Because of this, there are more wheels, the rear suspension has 5 levers. Also reduced the noise in the cabin. For this, additional sound insulation was installed. For the safety of passengers, pillows and belts were installed. The latter are installed with pretensioners. Head restraints can now be adjusted. In additional options there is another headrest that can be installed in the version with 5 doors. The space in the luggage compartment has increased. Due to the fact that the rear seats fold, the compartment volume can be increased more than three times. Opening the trunk is possible only in 2 stages. It is necessary to raise the glass, then open to the side one part of the door on which the spare wheel is located. Changed the dashboard. The navigation system has a wide range of options and functions..

Soon, the Frontera family replenished in the form of RS and Limited models. In 2001, a new version of the model was released, which was dedicated to the 2000 Olympics. Naming this equipment wore Sport Olympus.


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