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Opel Insignia

Opel Insignia 1

Opel Insignia

Opel Insignia 2

Sometimes it happens that a person looking at a car such as the Opel Insignia can not immediately understand that the brand of the car in front of him. However, a closer look at the badge immediately makes it clear that this is a creation of the German automobile industry.

With all this, I want to note that in general this kind of car is not much similar to other brands of the Opel line, in particular this applies to the previous Opel Vectra model.

In principle, the design of Opel Insignia has collected some kind of features from the Mazda 6 model and BMW. In addition, with regard to parts, in particular the body, they have a fairly good relief with chrome inserts. In addition, the salon also has the distinctive features of a stylish design. At the same time, the front panel of the car is equipped with a huge number of boxes and niches. All this allows you to place a lot of small parts.

In a car such as the Opel Insignia, everything is done with quite a lot of luxury, ranging from the passenger compartment and ending with a variety of external parameters.

As for the specific interior of this kind of car, it should be noted that in this car the available seats have earned a very high quality mark. This award was presented by German experts who are fighting for a healthy posture..

On top of everything else, in addition to all external parameters, other controls are also very conveniently located, which is generally considered very convenient. For example, the box and steering wheel are convenient for the driver. Also, to increase aerodynamic performance, manufacturers reduced the size of the exterior mirrors. This kind of transformation has contributed to the emergence of a negative indicator, that is, in Opel Insignia there are problems regarding visibility.

As another negative indicator, a lowered roof at the back. This kind of minus contributes to the fact that in the rear seats this or that person will not be able to accommodate comfortably.

Also, despite the fact that the car’s trim is made of good quality leather and plastic, when you click on a particular part, a rather unpleasant crunch is issued. In addition, it is worth noting that the center console does not have a color display, which is generally not typical for this type of car of this class.

If we consider this kind of car from the point of view of driving, then we want to note that, in principle, with a quiet movement, the ride will be quite comfortable. With all this, it is worth noting that up to 2.5 thousand revolutions, the car’s engine is in a certain turbo pit, after which a sharp jump occurs and the Opel Insignia can pick up speed up to 100 kilometers per hour in 8 seconds. In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that with sufficient acceleration, there is a violation of the dynamics of control, as a result of all this negatively affects the city flow.

In addition to all of the above, it is worth considering the fact that this car has a number of options such as electronic chassis control, a system that recognizes road signs and adapts voice control. With all this, do not forget that this car has a gasoline engine, and it can be 4, so 6 cylinder with a capacity of 260 horsepower.

As for the direct price value, with a minimum configuration it is about 900 thousand rubles. But the maximum price may exceed 1 million rubles.

Opel Insignia basically has a distinctive quality mark from previous models.


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