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Opel Omega

Opel Omega 1

Opel Omega

Opel Omega

Opel Omega was produced by GM Opel’s branch, starting from 1986, and lasted until 2003, the car of German origin has a business type. This category was in the midst of Opel Ascona models and the large Opel Senator, starting in 1994, was removed from use, it was Senator that turned out to be GM’s European flagship. But already in 2003 they finished manufacturing this category. There are 2 generations of the current Opel Omega A car, in turn, also the Omega B.

The first generation was produced in the fall of 1986. This model had a choice of 2 bodies – it turned out to be a 4-door sedan and a five-door, but already a station wagon (also called “Omega Caravan”). In 1987, the car acquired the title “Car of the Year.” These cars had rear-wheel drive, a good variety of ordinary equipment and belong to business category cars. Auto had a comfortable lounge. The seats that were in front had mechanical control of axial displacement and tilt of the back, with the help of which various drivers will be quite comfortable inside. It depends on the degree of equipment and the engine installed, and a certain number of variations were produced: LS, GL, GLS, CD (and includes Edition and Diamant), as well as 3000 Sport. But still, if there are 2 similar signs on the machine, then it does not matter that there is one and the same level of equipment. But suddenly the level of equipment was as high as possible, in this category they assigned the index Diamant (aka “Diamond”).

The second generation was, as it were, an extension of the Opel Omega A and was produced from 1994 until 2003. An improvement was made in the design, aerodynamics and automotive equipment. The models were added to this version: 2-zone climate control, a standard lighting element, headlight auto-adjustment, a sunshade was added at the back, there was already a leather interior, a 4 + 1 audio system with a CD player was added. The Opel Omega B equipment that was equipped to the maximum was designated as MV6 and was with a 3.0 liter V6 engine. Or a 2.5 liter turbodiesel. But starting in 1999, some changes were made, the trunk overview and background lights were changed (they were made more up-to-date), in turn, the hood and frontal body kit. The most important change was made with the engine lineup and the design itself. The engine made a larger working size. And here are the diesel engines that were produced last. They were equipped with the Common Rail method. In addition, already in 2000 they wanted to show the brand new Y57XE engine manufactured by Chevrolet Corvette, it was equipped with: a 16-valve V-shaped 8-cylinder engine, which had a 4-speed automatic transmission, which received the AR60 index.


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