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Opel Sintra

Opel Sintra 1

Opel Sintra

Opel Sintra 2

In the 90s, Opel took one minivan from the arsenal of Americans, since this type of car was popular. Sintra became a joint project of General Motors and Opel. The car itself is considered American, but designed for European roads.

This model was different from others, and at that time there were many, interior, exterior and even a series of engines. There was a different look for the bumper, and the radiator grille was proprietary. Opel Sintra was released in 1996 at the Geneva Motor Show. It became possible to buy a car in the spring of 1997. Appearance model has a typical American. The engine is laterally placed, and the front wheels are the driving ones. Mounted body type. The car has 2 trim levels. The interior is made in the style of Opel and has a lot of free space. The rear seats can only be accessed using two sliding doors that are located on both sides. Eight passengers can board the cabin. In the basic configuration there is: central locking, electronic window lifters, 4 airbags for passenger safety, power steering. There are also belts with pretensioners.

If there are 2 separate seats in the trunk, then only 7 people can get into the car, but if there is a whole sofa – 8 people. Due to the high fit, the model has a good overview. Salon can be easily transformed for different functions. A salon can become a small office or a cargo van. A number of power units include 2 gasoline and one turbodiesel engines from Ecotec. One of the gasoline units is a four, the second is a six.

The car has a five-speed manual gearbox. This gearbox is designed for a gasoline four and a turbodiesel. For the gasoline six there is an automatic transmission with four steps. Gearbox not American, automatic from Japan, but mechanical from Sweden.

The model’s pendant is typical American. It has a high energy intensity. If big obstacles appear on the road, the trip does not deliver any amenities for passengers inside. At the back, you can see the beam that is installed on the half-dependent beam. There are disk mechanisms at the back, and ventilated ones at the front. Such a mechanism has increased the efficiency of the brake system. Also, ABS contributed to this. The car is coated with a special anti-corrosion varnish.

The sale of the model was discontinued in 2000. This happened because the car is out of date..


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