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Opel Zafira – the car for everyone

Opel Zafira - the car for everyone 1

Opel Zafira – the car for everyone

Opel Zafira - the car for everyone 2

People who believe that absolutely all family cars turn out to be less dynamic and boring, probably just did not see the new Opel Zafira. Engineers working in the Opel concern were inspired by new technological solutions used for high-speed trains. They applied the best practices of safety and comfort to create a new Opel Zafira, and this model is truly unique. This car is offered in several trim levels, which are called Enjoy, Business Edition, as well as Cosmo.

Although the car may seem small outside, under its compact exterior you can see a spacious interior that is suitable for absolutely any trip. Inside, the cabin is very roomy. This effect was obtained through the perfect combination of low floor and high ceiling. Due to the new Flex7 seating management system, this Opel model has gained wide functional amplitude..

This system makes it possible to easily and as soon as possible change the cabin configuration, creating maximum compliance with all passenger requests. There are several options that turn a five-seater into a seven-seater. To do this, simply remove additional seats using the specialized mechanism hidden in the luggage compartment. In total, it is possible to make 48 variants of different interior configurations..

An unforgettable design, remarkable spaciousness, simply amazing dynamics, providing the opportunity to choose your own driving style, ideal safety solutions, modern equipment for all kinds of entertainment and the highest level of comfort – all this makes the Opel Zafira a premium car. It is great for family trips. Practical, lightweight and very beautiful, this car is simply impossible to surpass in flexibility of various driving style settings.

The climate control system is regulated by a special multi-zone sensor, allowing different drivers to save individual settings. To manage it even more convenient, all settings can be seen on a graphical or color screen, depending on the installed entertainment system.

Thanks to the parking assistance system, parallel parking will be easier. The car has a huge number of sensors sending information to the central computer, which detects the most suitable parking spot, while calculating the optimal path.


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