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PEUGEOT 108 3D 1


PEUGEOT 108 3D 2

All the information required by the driver is now easily and quickly read. Above a small steering column, which is easily adjustable to the desired height – there is a speedometer. In addition to the LCD screen and the analog speedometer, a gear indicator and a tachometer are located on both sides.

The controls are conveniently located for the driver. Among the systems located on the central panel stands out a huge 7-inch touch screen, engine start button and climate control. On the driver’s door panel there is a window control.

Sizes and volumes

The car is 3.46 meters long and 1.62 meters wide. Peugeot 108 3D is the leader in car compactness. The turning radius of the car is only 4.8 meters. This indicator allows him to easily overcome difficulties on the track..

Another advantage of PEUGEOT is the trunk. By pressing a special button, you can open the door and start the engine without a key, as well as open the tailgate lock.

Opening the tailgate, the upper shelf automatically drives off. Access to a fairly voluminous trunk opens: 196 liters with a tire repair kit, 180 liters with a spare tire. Loading is simple with a fairly low threshold and a width of 1 meter between the wheel arches. To increase the boot volume to 750 liters, you can remove the rear seats. Also a lot of space inside the cabin for storage.

Engines and suspension

Efficient and economical 3-cylinder engines will be available on the new PEUGEOT.

These engines use a fairly light weight car – from 840 kg. And the result is an excellent balance between grip and comfort..

PEUGEOT 108 3D is the easiest to use. Light weight (from 840 kg), electric power steering and high quality chassis contribute to the convenience of car operation. At the beginning of the movement, PEUGEOT holds the road well and therefore gives the driver confidence in driving.

Wheelbase – 1425 mm front and 1420 mm rear. Used 2 types of tires – 165 / 65R14 and 165/60 R15.

The PEUGEOT brake system includes: ABS, emergency braking system and switchable ESP system. The brake system includes ventilated discs 247 mm front and drum discs 200 mm.

High quality PEUGEOT 108 3D delivers positive emotions to the driver.


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