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Peugeot 308

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Damn it, you need to take care of your nerves, but sometimes you come across such a client that he’ll endure his whole soul, trample on it and leave with full awareness of his innocence.

You read the Internet – you are amazed! The phrase thrown into my head: “The client is always right” works well in the minds of villains in life. There are such. But thank God that there are not many of these, one for several hundred customers, but if they get caught, they will. He leaves all so proud and fair, and you remain like a spat on a butt. Yeah. He’s all in white and you’re in shit.

But he thinks so. And let him think. And while working in a car service, I created a certain protective film. As soon as I see that the client is boorish, inadequate and poisonous saliva starts to spatter from his lips – everything, I pull this imagination in front of me. film and look at it, and listen, but already detached, as if from the outside. If you take his words too close to your heart – no nerves and health is not enough.

And the malfunction is cool. And the reason is on the surface. But no, to prove his correct point of view from the technical side, you have to spend a lot of mental health. Although I need it? I’ll earn a little on such a malfunction, and that: “send and refuse?” … but inside there is the concept of “prestige of a car service”, and this includes the obligatory help of a customer who has applied, the search for and troubleshooting of his car. In our car service, there was no case that the malfunction remained undetected. If I can’t do it myself, there’s someone nearby to help with advice or a friendly kick (Alexey or Dmitry).

It is rightly said that “in every barrel of honey there is a fly in the ointment.” So in our work – in car repair. This is my first experience writing an article (or call me what you want), so please do not judge strictly.

The car that was under repair – in the photo at the beginning of the article, this is Peugeot, a French product, refined, elegant in appearance. And inside, in my opinion, there are a lot of ill-conceived decisions and decisions based on the principle “somehow, but elegantly”.

Turned away from this repair as much as he could. And not only because of the “special features” of these cars, as A. Polyansky, a car diagnostician from Belarus, mentioned in his article, –, but also because of the client’s non-acceptance: some arrogance, quickly turning into irritation … the categorization of judgment … suspicious tone and gaze, they say, I know that you will deceive me, but not attacked! But the “senior comrade” asked, it was impossible to refuse.

The malfunction is simple, without twists: “stalled, does not start.” They dragged the car. A colleague subsequently described the cause of the malfunction shortly, in Russian, in literally three words: “… the client … the car … the fuel …”. I set the ellipsis where he spoke frankly in Russian. But in the article it’s not possible, so you have to talk longer.

After conducting an initial inspection, he asked the client: “Where did you refuel something?” The fact is that fuel has come under suspicion. Everything is according to the scheme: “Bad fuel killed the entire fuel system.” And the customer refueled where few people in our city refuel, at a certain gas station, which is considered the cheapest, but the fuel there sucks, kills the engines after the first or second refueling.

I will not speak and draw any analogies about “why such a fuel”, “but no one in the city checks its quality” and so on – these are eternal questions that will never be answered. In the photo, the fuel from this gas station, you yourself see what quality:

Peugeot 308 3

Probably, in every city there are gas stations with gas prices like in Turkmenistan. I exaggerate, of course, but it’s useful for comparison. And fall into the trap of low prices or newcomers, or very greedy, stubborn car owners. It would seem, what to save and on what to save fifty dollars? To the health of your car? But there is such a category of people, there is, and even multiplies, there is no escape from this, so you will have to remember the experience of communicating with such car owners and the malfunctions that they bring with them:

“Failures due to greed”.
A lot of car malfunctions can be combined under such a heading. Yes, yes, exactly: “malfunctions due to greed.” Have you come across these? The car is brought to the state of a garbage can, and then dragged into a car service and require the impossible. Yeah, right now. For two years he did not change the oil, everything in his motor was coked to the state of concrete, and give him cheap repairs? Hey, uncle, you made a mistake with the address, it’s not an almshouse, there is a car repair service here. But the type of a different opinion and continues to take out the soul.

“The verdict is appealed”
There are no miracles in car repair, for miracles in the church. And here everything is subject to strict technical laws: “bad fuel kills the pump, nozzles, then the spark plugs and the last die ignition coils”.

– First you need to change the spark plugs, ”I told the client,“ and before that, drain the old fuel and fill in the new one that is burning. ” And in response I heard a long tirade (it turned out that I was very stupid!), And about the unshakable rule: “I never changed candles on any machine before the sale. And I will not be on this one either! ” Then I heard a story similar to a rule of life: “I had a car, so I drove over 100,000 kilometers on it and never changed the candles. How long did this run? And so immediately change the candles? Stupidity! ” As it turned out, he had the following rule: “I only change oil and fill fuel with my cars.” I tried to convince him:

– You see, the water doesn’t burn … and you have water in the tank with the smell of gasoline … and besides, this chemical composition well flushes the film of oil from the cylinder mirror, you see what it threatens?

Don’t give a damn. From the big, big bell tower. There is no point. No replacements. Neither fuel, nor candles, nor, all the more, ignition coils: “Yes, they are like new, don’t you see ?!”.

Well, yes: “brand new” … -))) … the car was produced in 2012, but in appearance it seemed to her that it was already 5-8 years old from the year of manufacture … It turned out that the client was going to sell this car. Wanted, but did not ask: “With what eyes will you sell it? Honestly honest eyes? Like, the car is a beast, new – look at the year of manufacture! ”… did not ask. Useless.

The client fought to the last: – Yes, I will not change the ignition coils. What kind of nonsense? They are completely new!

To convince, to say that “they may be new in appearance, but there are problems inside,” he said. How about a wall of peas. But somehow he got it, he went and brought two coils.

– We need to change all four, ”I said frowningly and hopelessly..

– Yeah. I ran away. Change which brought!

Began to change – an ambush. The connectors are already a different sample. What to do? Showed to the client. He twisted, twisted and asked:

– And if you trim here, then it will fit?

And he did. A boar, a shmak, plastic in all directions – he cut something off, underlined something. Tightened, sniffed – inserted. Satisfied. And I asked:

– Do you want to drive and sell the car normally? Then you need to change all four coils, change two little, the other two are already out of breath.

Do you know the answer? That’s it: “I won’t change them, stop wasting money.” Okay, I did everything as expected, started the engine, it works. I asked him about the coils which are under suspicion: “You will not change?”. It will not, of course. Well then okay bye.

… he left and returned an hour and a half later with a cry, nerves, claims, they say, why the heck I dumped so much money for you (actually a penny, believe me …), the car didn’t go, it’s not going!

Well, well … looked – errors on the coil that needed to be changed. Do I need it? Spending nerves again? Explain? Trying to make a person better? To hell. Discarded errors and gave the car.

Now tell me why I freaked out so much, spent so much of my nerves, and as a result I remained guilty, spat upon and in a deep moral decline … -). Do I need it? It may be necessary to do as they say on the Internet: “Take money for printing error codes and do not steam.” How do you think?


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