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Peugeot 408 Car

Peugeot 408 Car 1

Peugeot 408 – conqueror of Russian roads

Peugeot 408 Car 2

Peugeot 408 is a car model that is ideal for Russian roads. Before release, she underwent two-year tests in frost and off-road conditions. And only the field of two-year trials recognized the car as fit for use on Russian roads.

The Peugeot 308 model was taken as the basis of the car. After all the transformations, the car had a higher suspension, a trunk of five hundred and six liters, and a very spacious interior. This car is ideal for tall people, because it is tall enough and also has wide doors..

Thus, it is ideal for lovers of foreign cars.

Numerous changes were made to the suspension of the car, but its struts and beam are completely identical to those in the Peugeot 308. The springs have an additional coil, which allows the car to ride on big bumps.

The car engine has steel factory protection, so there is no need to weld additional steel sheets.

The changes affected the fuel of the car, now it can be filled with 92 octane gasoline. A special heating system for brushes has been developed if they are at rest in the frosty season.

The motor is equipped with factory steel protection, so there is no need to weld additional steel sheets.

The car is equipped with a 1.6 liter engine. But it comes in four flavors. Their power will be one hundred and fifty and one hundred and twenty horsepower. A diesel engine is also provided..

Peugeot 408 is equipped with either an automatic or manual transmission.

A manual gearbox is paired with a hundred and twenty strong engine and has five degrees, and a six-speed gearbox is paired with a hundred and fifty strong engine.

The weight of the car is approximately 1.4 tons, while it moves quite smoothly, but it feels that it lacks power.

Under the conditions of the highway, a hundred kilometers by car consumes only ten liters of gasoline, respectively, it will be significantly more in the city.

For him, borders will not be an obstacle, since he has an increased clearance.

The sound insulation level in the car is average, the noise in the rear seats is very audible, therefore the noise insulation system needs to be improved.

But in general, it is worth noting that the car is one of the ideal options for Russian roads, and the optimal combination of quality and price will allow it to compete quite successfully with the Ford Focus.

The average car price is five hundred and fifty – seven hundred and fifty thousand rubles.


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