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Porsche 911 4 GTS

Porsche 911 4 GTS 1

Porsche 911 4 GTS

Porsche 911 4 GTS 2

How much do we know expensive cars? Enough, but most of them are due to their price, but here is the real high cost, the one that sinks into the soul of units. Such a rare model, with considerable cost, but undoubtedly not because of it, is so valuable – Porsche 911. Few people actually expected an updated modification of the GTS, only those who really connected their fate with this machine are almost “married” to it, they will never betray her and will always treat her with trepidation. The novelty is so fresh that you can get burned.

So what is still fundamentally new in the GTS 4 model? The number means as much as four-wheel drive, but the abbreviation is a symbiosis of comfort and sport. Externally, the car is really sporty, but very modest, the first thing you notice is the classic R20 wheels with a nut in the center and widened wheel arches at the rear. For the specialist, other innovations will also become noticeable, this is a new aggressive bumper and a suspension reduced by a centimeter. The machine is designed for flexible and slender, not in vain so often this car is called female, it’s not very easy to get a fat man into such a car, and even more so to get out.

Inside, it seems that this is a cabinet of a successful person in the prime of life, nothing more, everything is strict and refined. There is practically no space in the car either for trifles or for things, the back row of seats is only for children and not adults, but from this the car does not cease to be beautiful.

For a beginner, a car review can be wild – there is an impression of a plastic hopper, but it is practically absent in this car. There are too many buttons on the center console and they are too small, for the convenience of using information in a car, a multimedia screen and a lot of informative devices.

The most interesting thing is the device that allows you to play with the car – change the sound of the exhaust pipe, change the driving mode and spoiler.

The car feels most comfortable on the road in the summer heat, and even in winter it’s a pity to kill him, it’s still an expensive car. The car is equipped with Launch Control – allows you to gain 100 km in an incredible 4 seconds, here you have a sports car. The car’s motor is 3.8 liters and heavy duty, I don’t know what the creators designed there, but the car stubbornly keeps in the stage of not voracious, does not jump out for 10 liters per 100 km.

The most wonderful thing that is in this car is truly divine shock absorbers, the car is very soft. The car turned out wonderful and no one dares argue with this.


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