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Porsche carrera gt

Porsche carrera gt 1

Porsche Carrera GT Racing!

Porsche carrera gt 2

Porsche Carrera – a new generation car. At one time, this was Porsche’s response to the Lamborghini presented by Ferrari. In beauty, this model can not be compared with any other.

Porsche Carrera has a very powerful engine. High dynamic qualities give the car the right to be called racing. After all, the word “carrera” and means “race”. The car body is beautiful and elegant. We can say that this is a race car designed for “simple”, not racers. Two protrusions are visible at the car behind the seats, they seem to show how strong the car is. Porsche Carrera does not have a folding roof. To adapt the machine to different weather conditions, composite panels were installed, which are transported in baggage.

A special and unique look to the car give the wheels with the original pattern. In general, in this car you can see all the features of elegance that are present in Porsche cars. The aerodynamics of the car also paid enough attention. Everything in this car is made for easy driving. The Porsche Carrera GT also has an adjustable wing. It automatically extends if the vehicle speed becomes greater than 120 km / h.

The interior of the Porsche Carrera is designed for 2 passengers only. A distinctive feature of this model from other Porsche is a slight convenience for passengers. Only the equipment necessary for a quick ride is installed in the cabin.

However, it’s very convenient in this car that all monitoring devices for the state of the car are perfectly inscribed. The driver is very convenient to monitor everything that happens inside the car.

Also in the car there is a small luggage compartment. It holds a little, and therefore you can take with you only the most necessary. However, all the shortcomings that are in the Porsche Carrera GT are its advantages.


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