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POWER HEATER on Toyota diesel jeeps

POWER HEATER on Toyota diesel jeeps 1

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Sometimes the purpose of the “PWR HEAT” button confuses the owners of fresh Toyota cars. Let’s try to figure it out.

POWER HEATER is an additional heater, powered by a viscous drive heater, designed to increase the efficiency of the standard “stove”.

A viscous heater is installed on models with 1HD-FTE and 1KD-FTV diesel engines in options for cold climates such as Land Cruiser HDJ101, KDJ95, KDJ125, HiLux Surf KDN185, KDN215.

1. Viscous heater
Heat is generated in the heater when the rotor mixes the silicone fluid in it. The rotor is driven through a pulley by a belt from the crankshaft – like a conventional drive of an air conditioning compressor. From silicone oil, heat is transferred to the coolant entering the heater circuit (stove).

POWER HEATER on Toyota diesel jeeps 2
1 – electromagnetic clutch, 2 – case, 3 – coolant, 4 – silicone fluid, 5 – rotor, 6 – seal.

The viscous heater is switched on using the “PWR HEAT” or “POWER HEATER” button on the dashboard.

POWER HEATER on Toyota diesel jeeps 3

By the signal of the electronic engine control unit, the electromagnetic clutch of the heater is activated through the amplifier.

2. Amplifier
The viscous heater is controlled through an amplifier tightly tied to the engine ECU.


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