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How to prepare a car for the warm season

How to prepare a car for the warm season 1

On the eve of the May holidays we will discuss how to prepare the car for the warm season

May holidays are very soon, and not far off the first trips to nature and on holidays. In anticipation of the hot season, Ford has published tips for Russian motorists on how to properly prepare the car for the summer. In addition to the scheduled maintenance, there are other important points that a motorist should pay special attention to when warm weather.

How to prepare a car for the warm season 2

1. Check tires

Insufficiently or excessively inflated tires, as well as old tires, can cause an accident. It is important to inspect them not only for safety reasons, but also to avoid premature wear. Tire pressure monitoring should be carried out at least once a month and before each long trip, especially if you intend to go on the highway. The pressure should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation – it is usually indicated in the car’s operating instructions or on a sticker located on the driver’s door pillar, gas tank door or inside the glove compartment. Check the condition of the tread – perhaps it’s time to replace the summer tires with a new one.

2. Change the oil

Ford experts advise observing the service intervals, as well as checking the oil level once a month. It should be changed every 12,000 km, this is also one of the important components of your safety on the road. Saving oil changes can result in costly repairs. The oils that are most suitable for hot weather are fully synthetic; they are able to withstand high temperatures. Other fluids in your car (cooling, brake, flushing, transmission, etc.) also deserve attention..

3. Flush the undercarriage

Over the months of a long winter, dirt and reagents harmful to the metal remain on the chassis. Many sinks can offer you steam cleaning under pressure, which removes adhering dirt well. In general, a comprehensive non-contact car wash is recommended for the spring-winter season. This will allow you to clean the body of fine dirt and protect against the harmful effects of road reagents.

4. Protect the engine from overheating

In addition to the coolant level, check the condition of the radiator, pipe and drive belts. The risk of belt breaking increases significantly after a mileage of 60,000 km. Thermostats and fans also deserve special attention. Malfunctions of the cooling system threaten you to overheat the engine in the sun. Before the summer season, the radiator should be washed with a solution cleansing from dirt and plaque (antifreeze and water in equal proportions) or “purged” with an air compressor.

5. Replace air and cabin filter

You should not wait for the planned maintenance and postpone the replacement of the air filter, because during the winter it is very clogged with salt and other solid particles. A “clogged” filter has increased resistance when air passes through it, which leads to a drop in engine power and threatens increased fuel consumption. After the winter, filter diagnostics are mandatory, as well as cleaning or replacement. These procedures must be repeated every 20,000 km..

Also, do not forget about the cabin filter, which traps dust, pollen and other small particles from the air, which is especially important for those who suffer from allergies or other respiratory problems. General recommendations – check it at least once a year or every 15,000 km. However, in conditions of not the best environmental conditions and increased dustiness of roads in Russian cities, Ford advises changing the cabin filter twice a year – in spring and autumn.

6. Check the brakes

Correct operation of the brake system is something you should always be sure of when driving. Be careful if the brake pedal is pressed too lightly or too hard, located too low or high, makes loud noises. If you notice something like this, immediately go to the service center.

7. Clean and charge the battery.

The heat is fatal to the battery, because of it it discharges faster, and the service life is reduced by several times. For optimal battery performance, keep it clean, and if you notice that it, for example, does not hold a charge, contact a professional to check.

* Important: Remember to also check the pressure in the spare tire. This will help to avoid unpleasant surprises, if necessary, replace a punctured tire. If we are talking about a narrow-sized spare tire of the “biscuit” type, it is recommended to inflate it much more than a regular tire.


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