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Preparing a car for a trip to Finland – By car abroad – Traveling by car

Preparing a car for a trip to Finland - By car abroad - Traveling by car 1

Preparing a car for a trip to Finland

It is very important to thoroughly check the car before the trip, to carry out, so to speak, a small MOT on your own – the presence of a working spare wheel, oil level, fuel system, wheels, etc. – that is, objectively assess the ‘combat’ condition of a vehicle, eliminate serious problems.
Pay special attention to the exhaust system – the Finns have this strictly! – and the brake system (the ability to hold the vehicle regardless of the load on an 18 percent descent from the mountain or when climbing uphill with a traction coefficient between the wheels and the road of at least 0.6, the police can check with a moving dynamometer).
The car must be equipped with mud flaps (mudguards aprons behind the wheels), there must be whole operational lights for the high and low, parking, front and rear lights, turn signals, as well as rear reflectors.
In addition to the actual serviceability, your car should look good, otherwise you run the risk of checking the vehicle in Finland, and there your improperly working handbrake can become a problem. It is forbidden to drive on the roads of Finland on a faulty car, and if a significant malfunction is detected by your car police, you will be towed to your parking lot or to a car service station at your expense, where you will need to fix the malfunction.
The rules for the carriage of goods are similar to ours – the cargo should not protrude beyond the dimensions of the vehicle in front by more than 1 meter in front and more than 2 meters in back. In this case, the extreme points of the load must be indicated by red or red-yellow flags with a minimum size of 300 x 300 mm.

You can bring gas to Finland in your car’s tank plus a canister with 10 liters of gasoline. In fact, everyone carries twenty-liter cans, the main thing is that they are not poured “under the neck”, that is, that you can always tell the Finnish customs officer that there are not 20 liters, but 10 (actually 15-17 – you can’t see it in the canister 🙂

The cost of gasoline in Finland is 1.2-1.75 euros per liter, so it is in your interests if you are going on a long trip, to bring more domestic cheap gasoline. Therefore, it makes sense to refuel the tank to the full just before the border – almost all checkpoints have gas stations.
If you still have to buy gas in Finland, you need to be prepared for the fact that there are many automatic gas stations. This means that if you want to pour a little gasoline, for example, just to get to the border, make sure that you have small bills of five to ten euros: they don’t accept trifles on machines, and devices that read information from credit cards are not everywhere ( before and electron cards at gas stations may not be read).

You will have to leave the radar detector on the territory of Russia, since such devices in Finland are forbidden not only to be used, but even to be present in the car .. If you find it at the border crossing or in the country, the device will be confiscated, fine from 40 euros and above and almost 100% difficulty obtaining a subsequent Schengen visa.

Finns require the same tires (type of tread) on all wheels. That is, if you have pairwise or even all four wheels are different, the tires are ‘bald’ – there may be problems, they may simply not let you in. Also prohibited the simultaneous use of studless and studded tires.

Seasonal rubber requirements:
Winter tires (or tires designed for year-round use, without studs)
Mandatory application from 01.12. until 02.29. The use of winter tires without studs is allowed all year round. The depth of the pattern is at least 3 mm. This applies to all passenger cars and pickups registered abroad with a total weight of not more than 3500 kg.

Studded winter tires
The use of spikes is allowed only during the period from 01.11. to 31.03. The exception is when winter and / or studded tires are used due to weather conditions.

Summer tires
Application is allowed from 01.03. to 30.11. Pattern depth not less than 1.6 mm.

You may not believe it, but sometimes the Finns measure the tread on the border and, due to seasonal tire mismatch, you may simply not be allowed into the country!

You may also not be allowed to enter Finland if the windows of your car are heavily tinted (this applies only to the windshield and two front windows of a / m).
Only standard tinting is allowed on the windshield and two front windows, the light transmittance of the windshield should not exceed 75% and the front side windows not more than 70%.
There are many cases of how the Finns turned our cars with completely black windows, and how frustrated motorists, standing on the sidelines, tear off the tint film from the front windows.
Many may object to me – they say they repeatedly drove to Finland on a tinted car and there were no problems, as an option it was even suggested to lower the front windows in the summer so that no one would notice tinting.
What can I say: there were no problems – very good. But in fact, tinting is a violation of the law, and the manipulation of lowering the windows is an attempt to hide the violation, which in itself is also a crime and threatens not only the cancellation of a visa, but also a fine of about 500 euros.

Using a mobile phone while driving

Under Finnish law, a driver must use a ‘hands free’ device that allows him to talk on a cell phone without using his hands while driving. For violations of the law fined. By the way, the size of this fine has also been increased now and now amounts to 300 rubles.

Requirements for transporting children

If a child follows you, it should be transported in a special child seat, and the seat should be securely fixed, and not just ‘ride’ in the back seat.
Now we have introduced these requirements, but in Finland they will charge you a much more significant penalty for your wallet (about 120 euros), but more importantly not the amount of the fine, but the safety of your own children, so be careful!

In addition, do not forget about seat belts – everyone in the car – both the driver and passengers should be fastened even in the back seat.


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