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Pressure in D4 engine

Pressure in D4 engine 1

3 S – FSE engine

The 3 S – FSE engine is probably the most “leaning” of direct injection engines.
Diagnosing and repairing it is not so simple, but if you get a little familiar with some of the “little things”, then a lot will become clear.

A distinctive feature of this engine is a high-pressure fuel pump capable of pumping pressure up to 180 kg. Working pressure 120kg.

A feature of the pump, in my opinion, is that many elements are located outside the pump with the exception of the plunger and stuffing box.

Let’s briefly look at the pump from the inside and what interests us the most:

Pressure in D4 engine 2
Pressure in D4 engine 3

1 – sleeve or “sealing gland”, which serves to prevent gasoline from entering the oil. The service life is very short – provided that the engine “walks” in Russia (with all the ensuing consequences).

– a plunger with a diameter of about 7 mm (in the picture 6.97, but it all depends on the operating time and operating conditions). If there is a large development and the diameter of the plunger begins to be 6.7 or less millimeters, then this is a direct way to replace it (it makes no sense to restore).

And now we need to talk more about pressure.

As it is known on the engine 3 S – FSE release of 1996-2002, there is no control over the pressure of the injection pump during scanning. Accordingly, it is necessary to use for monitoring pressure readings taken from an electronic pressure sensor. The sensor is installed at the end of the fuel rail:

Pressure in D4 engine 4

Access to it is limited and therefore measurements are easier to make on the control unit:

For Toyota Vista and Nadi, this is the conclusion of B12 – the engine ECU

(wire color: brown with a yellow stripe):

Pressure in D4 engine 5

The sensor “feeds” voltage of 5V.

It is noticed that at normal pressure the sensor readings vary in the range (3.7-2.0 in.) – signal output to the PR sensor. The minimum readings at which the engine is still capable of operating at x \ x -1.4 volts. If the readings from the sensor are below 1.3 volts for 8 seconds, the control unit will register DTC P0191 and shut off the engine.

Correct sensor readings at x \ x -2.5 in:

Pressure in D4 engine 6

With the “lean” – 2.11 in

Keep in mind that there are engines with faulty sensors. Water and sand, which are enough in our fuel, can ruin a sensor:

Pressure in D4 engine 7

I note that several factors influence the pressure indicator (the serviceability of the low-pressure pump, the health of the high-pressure fuel pump and the cleanliness of the fuel line as a whole.) Therefore, it is not necessary to “sentence” the high-pressure fuel pump only according to the pressure sensor.


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