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Bestdiagcar tool
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BestDiagCar Tool 3in1 Set


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Quick Overview:

Bestdiagcar Tool + Standard set of 3 different adapters + Full software with all, online extra options activation



Bestdiagcar Tool + Standard set of 3 different adapters + Full software with all, online extra options activation


BestDiagCar Tool

This Kit/Set is to make our life a lot of easier when we want to connect any of car’s module
on the bench or create a network/ link between needed modules.
It’s just fantastic and very easy to use it.
It saves a lot of space and loose wiring/cable at your work bench…
You can easily imitate a CAN , KLine & Line network/communication as on the car between many car’s modules,etc.
Please have a look at the photos as examples of possibility for this kit.
It’s been made in EU and it’s very well-made in plastic box .

On-line software included a lot of IMMO-OFF and Airbag erase solutions.
Please download coverage lists from google drive:

It can easily imitate “key ignition” at 1st stage or in 2nd stage and many many more…..

Technical data:

– Power supply +12V(3-19V) DC 5A max
– Powered and controlled by build-in fast and safe processor.
– It has build in antenna, coil/reader, for many car’s keys and transponders.
– Easily switchable resistance, from NON Ω, by 60 Ω to 120 Ω, between CAN H & CAN L.
– EEPROM programmer with automatic procedure.
– Switch SW3 “force ignition” on (15) when there is no key or broken ignition.
– Build in Voltage and Current Meter/Tester.
– Female OBDII socket for any an external diagnostic/scan tools.
– 5x Female DB25 ports including a port for future extensions adapters to our tool.
– 3x Main Switches:
A-Main switch/power supply-(30) ,
C-2nd Ignition (15a) & “Ignition forcing” for many cars via OBDII port.
– SW4 as Micro Switch :
which is controlling the procedures of EEPROM programming and changing resistance between CAN H & CAN L.
– An extra Coil/Antenna extension plug.
– GND & +12V DC Banana 4mm connectors.
– +12V DC Jack Plug.
– USB port for updates and software.
– Build in sounder.
– LED diode of Red, Orange, Green colors.
– Build in relays.
– 16pins-repeated from OBDII socket for system controlling or adding any emulator/analyzers.
– Protection against reverse polarity and over loading created connections with all modules, including the tool in self.
– Comes with online software in basic activation**
Please note:
You are buying the main device “ BestDiagCar Tool “inc an external software for this tool, which works only with the tool, ONLINE connection needed and 3 different adapters as standard set.
Many different adapters for bench set up, available as well. More info coming soon.


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