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mercedes vediamo and monaco generator mercedes vediamo and monaco generator 1 mercedes vediamo and monaco generator 2 MB Seed-Key Generator Tool_April_2018_D MB Seed-Key Generator Tool_April_2018_D1 MB Seed-Key Generator Tool_April_2018_D2 MB Seed-Key Generator Tool_April_2018_D3 MB Seed-Key Generator Tool_April_2018_D4 MB Seed-Key Generator Tool_April_2018_D5

Seed-Key Generator Tool for Vediamo and Monaco (for work with Mercedes-Benz cars). Base version

Price:$682.92 $546.34

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The “Seed-Key Generator Tool for Mescedes-Benz” (MB SKGT)

Was designed to unlock MB controllers in different levels to get access to critical diagnostic procedures and functions. The unlocking challenges are kind of question/answer game between ECU and diagnostic equipment. To give the correct secret answer to a question of the ECU you need the MB SKG Tool, which is able to calculate the correct answer.
This software is specifically designed to work with Vediamo and Monaco.

There are several accesses/unlock levels for any controller in vehicles:
Unlock level one – makes security access to level one
Functions/routines: request seed ECU unlock (27 01)/send key ECU unlock (27 02)
This is used in most ecu’s till Emission EU6 for general ECU Unlock for doing Variant coding, Adaption…

Unlock level three – makes security access to level three
Functions/routines: request seed ECU unlock lev3 (27 03)/send key ECU unlock lev3 (27 04) Functions/routines: request seed adjustment (27 03)/ send key adjustment (27 04)
This is used in most ECU’s to unlock adaption values like IMA/ISA, DPF/SCR/AGR /MAF values…

Unlock level five – makes security access to level five
Functions/routines: request seed reprogramming (27 05)/send key reprogramming (27 06)
This is used to unlock the ECU for reflash/reprogramming it – attention – before ECU’s can give a seed for this functions

Unlock level 9A – makes security access to level 9
Functions/routines: request Seed 9A (27 09)/send key 9A (27 0A)
Functions/routines: request seed Unlock (27 09)/ send key unlock (27 0A)
This is used as general Ecu unlock in newer ECU’s emission standard EU6 onward. Mostly needs to be done first followed by another unlock for according special function.

Unlock level BC – makes security access level BC
Functions/routines: request seed BC (27 0B)/send key BC (27 0C)
Functions/routines: request seed Variant coding (27 0B)/send key Variant coding (27 0C) Is used in newer ECU’s emission EU6 onward to unlock Variant coding
These are the most common and used levels – different controllers may have different access levels, but working in same manner, also the output seed can have different length.

The software works with a USB dongle and the computer must have an Internet connection. This price includes 5 Seed-Key calculations each day for 1 year. After the end of the year, a 400 euro subscription will be paid for each subsequent year.

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