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Simon Touch NEC IR KEY-ESL (for Mercedes) Full Kit


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Quick Overview:

Includes: STMB001, STMB002, STMB003, STMB005, STMB006, STMB007, STMB008, STMB010, STMB011, STMB012, STMB013, STMB015, STMB016, STMB017, STMB018, STMB019, STMB022, STMB023, STMB024.

MB EIS testing cables are included for FREE with every purchase of MB FULL




1. Read All EIS/EZS Types VIA IR/OBD/Can and K-Line.

2. Read password from Motorola EIS/EZS VIA IR and ZIF Socket/With and without existing key.

3. Read password/key number/Hashe counter from Nec key version 51/57/ZIF Socket/Renew/program all Motorola/Nec versions/11/21/28/35/40/41/51/57….

4. Read password/SSID/Hash counter/Service hash from Grey BGA Key.

5. Read password from BE key/China key/erase/write key dump Via IR.

6. Read Original key/BE Key/China Key/BGA Key status/key version/Frequency VIA IR

7. Read all key types SSID/Hash counter/frequency/battery and Radio Bytes VIA IR.

8. Renew all ESL/ELV Types/used/blocks/unrepairable/ Fast renew.

9. ESL Doctor/Change Vin/Milage from ESL/ELV By K-Line.

10. Program new ESL/ELV/EMULATOR/ Unlimited calculation/No tokens/No dealer pass.

11. Create Grey key data to program new EIS/EZS When all keys are lost.

12. Renew Engine control units/Airbag units/Eis dump Key calculating online.

13. Renew 7Gear/ISM.Read Password from BGA Key all versions COMING SOON.

* Read Password from BGA Key all versions COMING SOON.

* Renew/Program Black/Chrome KEYLESS Keys COMING SOON.

Mercedes NEC IR KEY-ESL Full Kit Includes: STMB001, STMB002, STMB003, STMB005, STMB006, STMB007, STMB008, STMB0010, STMB0011, STMB0012, STMB0013, STMB0015, STMB0016, STMB0017, STMB0018, STMB0019, STMB0022, STMB0023, STMB0024.


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