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How to program Mercedes key

mercedes key problem

How to program Mercedes key with MB Extreme tool.

The software is so user-friendly, that to finish the job it is enough simply to follow the steps exactly as described in instructions.

Video tutorial:

Step by step manual for program Mercedes key:

  1. The first thing you will need to use is our software that reads data from the working key – “Extreme IR Reader”. Open this software and press the “Read” button on user interface.
  2. You must have IR Key Tool also connected to the IR Programmer. The software will ask you to insert IR Key Tool into the EZS, here we make a preliminary check to ensure the mercedes Key is a match with the EZS. If all is ok, we move onto reading the data from the working mercedes Key.
  3. The procedure is very simple. Just follow the steps and execute exactly the explanations that software shows you – look at the video.
  4. Above software notice you will see the process of reading data from the working key. You will notice the value displayed inside the “Count” field decrementing as we continue to read data from the working mercedes Key.
  5. We recommend not to interfere with the IR Programmer Hardware or the Software while reading data from the working mercedes Key, please allow process to finish uninterrupted. When working with BGA Keys the Reading of the data from working key requires ~ 3 minutes. NEC keys can require ~ 8 minutes to get data.
  6. Remove the working key from the programmer and place it inside EZS for 30 seconds
  7. Follow software notice
  8. The Final step of reading the data from a working key will create a file containing the data needed to calculate the Keys Password. The default file name consists of the SSID of the Key and it will be saved with the extension .emb
  9. The next step is to search for the password from the created file. You have to use our “Extreme MB Tool” software, Choose from the Tab at the top of user interface – “Password Calculation” and from Data Source menu you need to choose “Extreme MB tool”
  10. Load the file and press “Calculate”
  11. The password counting time is about 3 minutes (you must have an internet connection)
  12. Copy the password to the clipboard
  13. The next step is to read the EZS data via the infrared port on EZS. This will be done using our “Extreme EZS Reader” software. Before you start reading, you must paste the calculated Password from clipboard into the Password field of the Extreme EZS Reader user interface.
  14. Press “EZS Read” button and follow the steps outlined in the software
  15. Extreme EZS Reader software will create a dump that is ready to be used with SKC to generate the key files. EZS file will be saved with the extension .ezs
  16. Open Extreme MB Tool software and select SKC from the Tab at the top of user interface. Then choose which keys you would like calculated, or by default the software will choose “All Keys” for you. Also by default we select the “Key Output Format” to be “.051”
    We do this because this is the most popular format, and this is the format we use when working with mercedes BE Keys.
  17. Now press the button “Load EZS Dump” and select the .ezs file that you read earlier from the EZS via the infrared port using our Extreme EZS Reader software.
  18. Select the folder where you want the keys files to be automatically saved
  19. After a few seconds the key files are ready. Keys will also be labeled “Used” if the key position has already been used sometime previously
  20. With “Extreme BE Key programmer” software you can very easily write any of the generated Key files to a BE Key via infrared. You can also make a mercedes “BE” key – renew (21DF Status)
  21. To write a Key file to a mercedes BE Key we need to press the “Write” Button on Extreme BE Key Programmer software. Then select the Key file that corresponds with the key position that you wish to use.
  22. Writing Key file data into the mercedes BE key.
  23. After successful data programming in the key, you have an option to activate the mercedes BE Key. This option is here because some older EZS such as HC705 types do not always activate BE keys after successful authentication. When working with these older EZS it is good practice to use this function within software to activate mercedes BE key after writing
  24. If you decide to use the “Activate Key” function within Software then after successful Key activation you will see a message bottom right on User interface displaying “Key Activated”
  25. If you wish to read the Key again after Programming it, just use the “Read” button and you will see all the info relating to the mercedes BE Key displayed, including the Keys SSID, it can be clearly seen here as the same SSID as the Key 7 file we programmed into it earlier. Also the Extreme BE Key Programmer Software gives you the option to read the full Key Dump from the mercedes BE Key. This can be seen on the screenshot above. It can be useful should you wish to verify that the key dump you have written to the mercedes BE Key is the same as the one you had intended to write.
  26. After using the programmed Key 7 on the EZS you can read again the EZS with “Extreme EZS Reader” and you will see that the software will display Key Position 7 now as being a “Used” Position. And also, you will notice that now the software displays that Key 7 was the last key used on this EZS.

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