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Qoros 3 – more than unexpected victory for Chery

Qoros 3 - more than unexpected victory for Chery 1

Qoros 3 – more than unexpected victory for Chery

Qoros 3 - more than unexpected victory for Chery 2

Chery Automobile from Anhui Province of China, known in the CIS market for its cheap and affordable brands and models, has repeatedly surprised its critics and supporters with its incredible ability to overcome the most seemingly serious problems in the production and sale of cars. A lot of interesting and truthful was told about the most famous Vortex Corda (the new Chery Amulet), the sales leader of Chery Tiggo (currently known as Vortex Tingo).

But always the “bottleneck” of such Chery Automobile company models was the question of very low performance based on the results of crash tests of the front and on the opposite direction.

A complete surprise was the test results of the new Sino-Israeli small-sized sedan under the name Qoros 3, which in its essence is a completely new evolutionary solution

The results of crash testing were simply stunned – the frontal impact was estimated at 15.8 points, the lateral impact – maximum 8, the specific test – impact on the pole gave 7.4, with a maximum of eight. This is the result of a classic charged German car, but not the Chinese “tin”. Anhui province more than stunned past experiments with car products with its minimum performance – Amulet showed only 1.7 points. The difference in car safety is almost nine times.

It should be noted that such a result was achieved, first of all, due to the presence of a modern, optimally and efficiently perceiving shock loads, a high-strength body, six airbags and safety belt tension limiters.

Qoros is the result of the hard work of Chinese engineers and specialists of the Israel Corporation holding from 2007 to the present.

A competent analysis of Chery products by British experts showed the almost futility of attempts to modernize the existing lineup in order to get a really safe car. It was necessary to make a radical decision at a technologically new level of design and production. Approximately in the same vein as the South Korean auto giant Kia Hyundai did.

The basis of the “shock” solution to the problem was a team of engineers from the German bureau BMW, partly Volkswagen, and Chinese experts from Israel invited by the Chinese. The result of work and extensive research gave the light of the “new Chinese reality” Qoros 3, which in matters of safety and protection of passengers is not worse than the average German car.

Getting into production a virtually European car is very expensive and complicated. It is much more profitable to stamp old Chinese licensed and self-made models without making significant changes to the issue of passive safety. Will the Chinese auto industry be able to change policies in this matter, time will show and new trials.


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