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Questions and advice about selling cars

Questions and advice about selling cars 1

Questions and advice about selling cars

Questions and advice about selling cars.

Question: Is it worth it to “twist” the speedometer testimony before the sale? Or immediately unscrew the speedometer itself?
Answer: “Twist” the speedometer should be! But don’t overdo it! Note that no car can have a negative mileage.

Question: Do I need to wash the car before selling?
Answer: There is no consensus. On the one hand, a clean machine usually makes a favorable impression on the buyer. On the other hand, he might think that you want to purge his eyes with deliberate purity. Here’s what you do: wash half the car. Or an intact part of it.

Tip: When selling a car, the main thing is not to lie. Obviously not lying. For example, if you have a Lada, then you have to say so directly. And in the little things – it works, it does not work, it starts up, it does not start, beaten, not broken – say the best.

Question: What to answer the question: “Why are you selling?”
Answer: An intelligent person will never ask you such nonsense, but tell a fool that you have no time to drive, you must urgently fly to the moon. Or that the doctors ordered after the accident to walk more.

Tip: We recommend that you throw away from the passenger compartment everything that may lead the buyer to think about the age of the car being bought: auto-pauphol, bob changer, needles for a primus, a newspaper with a message about the deed of Chelyuskintsev.

Tip: A beautiful large bow will decorate the roof of the car you are selling and cover a dent.

Tip: Confidently tell the buyer that if he buys your car with this bird poop on the hood, he will have a discount. Besides, turd is happy – you’ve been successfully selling this car for almost ten years now.!

Tip: In the announcement of the sale of the car, use as many abbreviations as possible: ABS is, of course, ABS; Power Steering – power steering; SDS – a scraper for glasses; PST – stand for cell phone; FBDK – branded keychain for keys; TM-2 – soft cloth (2 pcs.); BRDCH – glove compartment; ITD – and so on.

Question: I want to sell the car “for expensive”, what do I need to do for this?
Answer: Start selling your car for “incredibly expensive.” Then, in the process of fair bargaining, reduce to “go nuts, how expensive.” Then to “terribly expensive.” If it doesn’t work out, then it’s “very expensive”. And, most likely, you will be able to suck in your car for “expensive”.

Tip: If the potential buyer is military, we advise you to thoroughly rub the tires with shoe polish or any other shoe cream, and whiten the wheels. The military’s heart will certainly tremble. Well, if you clearly, like a toothache, report on the mileage, year of production and price, ending with “… the seller Sidorov finished the report (sale)!”, Then consider that you have the money in your pocket. Yes sir!

Often, buyers ask a provocative question: “Like, why are you selling then, since it is so good?” Quietly answer that your rights have been taken away from you, and the “swallow” must go, and not wait in the garage for 3 years. And you ask for so much money because you have to buy the right.

Tip: Remember that all the troubles with the car happen on the last day before the sale, so try to sell it the day before..

Question: When I bought an almost new Moskvich, I saw a mileage on the speedometer – 100 thousand km. Is it worth buying? Answer: Do not buy, “Moskvich” does not go so much.

Question: Can a car after purchase independently run away to the old owner, who loved him very much and sold with great reluctance? You won’t keep the car on the chain all the time?

Question: After buying a brand new car, I went to the sink and washed it. Including engine. After washing, the serial number of the engine and body has changed. But the color remained the same, it became even better. Where can I go with such a factory defect?
Answer: Our advice to you – do not go anywhere, but travel a couple of years by car without going to the car wash. And before the sale, you scratch at the proper places those engine and body numbers that are indicated in the data sheet.

Question: Tell me, is it possible to do a Rolls-Royce tuning somewhere, but only good so as not to be ashamed to drive?

Tip: Well, finally, remember that even the most intractable buyer can be punched with a physiognomy on the computer!


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