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Range Rover – Land Rover Premium SUV

Range Rover - Land Rover Premium SUV 1

Range Rover – Land Rover Premium SUV

Range Rover - Land Rover Premium SUV 2

In the rank of luxury sports SUVs, there are a lot of competing names, but there is one that stands out from all rivals – “Range Rover” from the concern “Land Rover”. As a result of a lot of effort and painstaking work, the Land Rover created a benchmark, presenting cars with maximum performance and comfort, combined when moving over rough terrain. “Range Rover” from the moment of launch was irresistibly powerful, and so widespread that it could belong to anyone – up to the elite of society.

The luxury SUV has undergone many upgrades and, despite the transformation, still retains the superiority and class that it was endowed with from the very beginning. This sports SUV can overcome any off-road, not to mention the level of amenities laid down from the assembly line plus uniqueness and sophistication. Auto – for luxury and exclusive to the elite.

Since the launch, this luxury SUV has undergone quite a few changes and modifications. These changes are not just cosmetic: new auto parts have been applied to increase the efficiency of the car. The Land Rover offers a unique vehicle body structure – a BMW concern designed it some time ago, when the Land Rover was already running the model. The car also has a completely independent system of unique auto parts. These changes have been made to the design of the SUV for the sake of better handling on the pavement, which makes the actual control more comfortable and controlled. Cross-country driving skills also improved thanks to new engineering modifications.

The Range Rover is completely original and comes with a conventional four-wheel drive. There is also an air suspension that can be adjusted to a height of about 40 centimeters. The suspension also offers many twists and turns. The luxury SUV is equipped with an authentic 4.4 liter Vi8 engine of 305 horsepower, while the turbocharged model is equipped with a 4.2 liter engine that contains 400 horsepower. Both of these engines are Range Rover originals and are equipped with a six-speed automatic overdrive gearbox.

A converted SUV model can deliver 20 km per gallon of fuel on city roads and 30 km per gallon on the highway. Having retained the features of previous models and supplementing them with advanced functions, the designers remade the interior as well. In the showroom – a solid seat position, a large steering wheel and dashboard, that is, everything, as before in previous models. A navigation system for the highway and off-road with instant map display, interior design with walnut wood panels and leather seats – all merged into one model of a new era, the ideal of a luxury SUV. The rear seats are more spacious than earlier models..


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