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Reconditioned steering racks

Reconditioned steering racks 1

Reconditioned steering racks

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Choosing the future

For a wide circle of motorists, conversations about restored steering racks have been going on for many years, but the attitude towards such units is radically different. Some believe that buying a refurbished rail is much more profitable than paying for a cheap analog or fork out for a new expensive original. Others act on the principle of distrust of something new and, conversely, put Chinese copies in the first place. Why is the bulk of the population of our country not ready for change?

What caused the distrust of restored racks

Knowing that there is a deception all over the place, the Russian person preconfigures himself for negative.

Suppose you buy a “used” tire, the condition of which can be estimated by a routine inspection is quite real and safe. In addition, the cost of used tires is much lower than new.

With a restored steering rack, it’s a little more complicated: you can’t check it yourself before buying, but it costs more than a new analogue. After these words, “consumer surprise” may arise: “Why should I buy a refurbished rail, which will cost more than a new rail?”.

And here it is necessary to explain briefly and intelligibly: “More expensive than a new analogue from China.” Do I need to further say and repeat that at the moment spare parts from China are like a game of roulette?

You never know how long this or that “new” Chinese spare part on your car will last.

Therefore, car owners are perplexed why a unit that has already been used will have to pay a decent amount of money and are guided by proven, but often biased opinions, buying inexpensive analogues.

It is clear that it is difficult to convince with words, but for those who still doubt, it is possible to re-read “articles from the people”, where car owners share their ordeals with fake spare parts:
“Original and aftermarket parts – which is better?”
“Non-fuse fuses”
“Fake fuses-2 (word to the factory representative)”

And now the main thing: “How are the restored steering racks different from new, contracted and refurbished”

1. New steering racks.
There are two types:
· Original – made to assemble the car on the conveyor of the manufacturer.
· Non-original (analogues) – products of independent manufacturers specializing in the production of spare parts for different brands of cars.
The originals are branded, but expensive parts and sometimes they have to wait up to several weeks. Analogs are 30-40% cheaper than the original ones, freely available, but inferior to them in terms of workmanship.
2. Contract steering racks.
These are used original units in working condition, removed from cars to be disposed of in disassemblies of America, Europe and Asia. Their cost is lower than new branded rails, but their service life is reduced several times.
3. Repaired steering racks.
We are talking about inexpensive used units, in which they replace broken parts with serviceable ones and sometimes clean the case from contamination. If a person buys such a rail, then the maximum that he can count on is a guarantee from 14 days to 1 month.
4. Reconditioned steering racks.
Second-hand units that are restored according to the factory technology “REBUILT” (common name) and have a service life not lower than that of new spare parts fall into this category. When restoring the unit, a whole range of works is underway: body treatment, complete replacement of rubber products and faulty components, marking and packaging.
Most often, hydraulic steering racks are restored. They are characterized by high reliability, good resistance to climate changes, and are easy to maintain..

What is the advantage of buying reconditioned power steering racks

1. Saving money and time. The purchase and installation of a restored steering rack will take several hours, which is much faster than repairing the “native” unit and waiting for the original expensive spare parts from abroad.

2. Resource conservation and environmental protection:
· Restoration of the hydraulic steering rack covers 5 times less technological processes, and, accordingly, reduces the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and saves 70% of the metal used in the production;
· All metal parts that will no longer be used are recyclable.

How the hydraulic steering rack is restored using REBUILT technology

1. Unit recovery is carried out in the factory. First, the rail is completely disassembled. Then the body is thoroughly sandblasted, washed under the influence of ultrasound, and a new protective coating is applied. Only the unit casing and worn-out components that are free of mechanical damage must be reused..

2. In a clean and dry room, a new repair kit is selected according to the catalog of accessories for repair of steering ORPAV. This catalog is used by most world manufacturers of steering units, because it is very convenient and has no analogues.

3. After assembling the steering rack, the operation of the unit is checked on a special diagnostic stand under different modes and loads. This guarantees the reliability and long service life of the restored mechanism..

4. The final step is the packaging of the steering rack in a company box, completing it with installation instructions and a warranty card.

As you can see, the purchase of a restored spare part is quite a good idea, because it saves money, time and natural resources, giving instead comfortable and safe movement on your own car every 80-100 thousand kilometers.

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