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Renault Clio

Renault Clio 1

Renault Clio

Renault Clio 2

In France, Renault is the most popular car brand. Almost every tritium Frenchman has a car from this car company in his garage. Particular attention should be paid to the Clio line. For the first time cars with the inscription Clio appeared back in 1990. And immediately became a bestseller. Low price and multifunctionality played a key role in this. The first generation car was really a favorite of sales.

The review will be about the 2009 car. Compared to others, the Renault Clio 2009 has many advantages over other cars. Significantly, in Europe, Clio was praised not only for quality but also for safety. New cars are still coming out of the assembly line, and they do not last long in car dealerships.

The appearance of Renault is fascinating. There is a station wagon in the back, which makes it not only beautiful, but also practical. The taillights have become a little more modest, although this did not affect their quality. A wide radiator grille appeared in front, which harmoniously complements the entire design. Now this car can be called universal. After all, it is suitable not only for family trips, but now it can compete in races. If rigor and modest design are up to you, then this is exactly the car that you need.

Specifications in the Renault Clio are average. It is more powerful than its predecessors, heavier, more dynamic, but at the same time it goes to other models in these parameters. The power of this machine is only 75 horsepower. However, the engine can be equipped with a turbocharger, which will allow you to get up to 101 hp. The speed of 100 km / h is reached only after 9.3 seconds (this is turbocharged), and the maximum speed can reach 200 km / h. Whether it is a lot or a little, judge for yourself. Chassis Renault Clio did not suffer any changes, but remained the same as the 2007 generation.

This car is designed for family trips, and its main feature is not how much power, but how much comfort.

The average price in Russia for this Renault model reaches 330 thousand rubles. The price is nice, and in return you get a lot more. In 2012, the next generation came out, which is slightly more powerful than the one with a redesigned design. Although for the most part the changes will concern the characteristics. Indeed, in the comfort of Renault Clio, like no one else is close to the ideal.


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