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Renault Duster 4×4: off-road strike

Renault Duster 4x4: off-road strike 1

Renault Duster 4×4: off-road strike

Renault Duster 4x4: off-road strike 2

The new “Duster” has been waiting for a long time and throughout Europe, and beyond. The new model is controlled as easily as the old one, as before, the car is easy to maintain, it’s good to live and work with. And now, to all the advantages of the model, extraordinary cross-country ability has also been added..

This machine from Renault has long and firmly won the respect of motorists, this is a true story of the success of the model. It was launched on the Indian market in 2012 with the intention of violating the established status quo on the market. The car was an average option between a very large hatchback and an SUV. And here two psychological details played: you, on the one hand, have a big car, and on the other, neither on the road nor in the parking lot does this interfere.

The manufacturer immediately offered very good equipment, many engine options, excellent performance for each option and sufficient fuel savings. There were the makings of an SUV, which immediately appreciated at a low price. The new version with all-wheel drive significantly expanded the real horizons of this model in its “off-road” quality.

In general, the Renault Duster looks exactly the same as the counterparts of the model with only one front-wheel drive: there are volume headlights, lines resembling muscles, large wheel arches and a chrome grille with three trims. In general, everything is perceived quite brightly and at the same time – firmly. There was a dimming on the headlights, new alloy wheels, stickers with 4WD on the sides, on the tailgate and rear pillar. At the back everything is exactly the same as it was.

The interior has changed a lot more: the three steps of the dashboard, the steering wheel has been completely replaced, the double color for the seats, shades of gray and red, the center console in the new edition. In general, the color scheme leads to a feeling of lightness, only the quality of the plastic itself has practically remained the same. Inside there is a lot of space, the seats are comfortable both at the shoulder level and at the passenger feet level. The 475-liter large trunk also indicates that the clean SUV trend has triumphed.

Some observers, however, were dissatisfied with ergonomics. There is no solid pedal, there is not enough space near the clutch and for many this is a reason for irritation. The ORVM control system, as before, is located below the hand brake, which makes it inconvenient. But even as standard equipment is excellent equipment: traction control, cruise control, indicators for shifting gears, a sensor for the external environment, in real time shows the fuel consumption efficiency and satellite navigation.


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