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Renault Laguna Coupe – a car ready to make a revolution

Renault Laguna Coupe - a car ready to make a revolution 1

Renault Laguna Coupe - a car ready to make a revolution

Renault Laguna Coupe – a car ready to make a revolution

A car of this class and such a configuration has long been waiting around the world. Pointed at the speed, style and design of the future – it is ideal for anyone who prefers to express their identity with every accessory of their everyday life. The disgruntled squeamish again will start an old song about the inconvenience of boarding passengers and the extraordinary engine power, to which it is quite reasonable for him to note that for family trips there are completely different brands, and this car is just as selfish as it corresponds to modern fast-paced life.

For a long time, only a coupe from Peugeot and intended for the absolute minority Alfa Romeo GT set the tone in this segment. The restrained Volkswagen tried to wedge itself into this very specific niche, however, the presence of the rear doors outweighed all the designers’ attempts to stylize the Passat CC as a “dumb dandy”. Thus, the appearance of the Renault Laguna Coupe will allow all lovers of individual trips and luxurious modern beasts to breathe freely.

Naturally, when developing such a purely individual car, French designers and designers paid priority attention to the external design. Already the first appearance of this machine in front of the general public allows us to argue that its creators succeeded in the main thing – to interest others, to draw their attention to the brainchild that was unprecedented for the French concern. Among the diverse opinions, the main line can be distinguished – the Renault Laguna Coupe despite the claimed hyper-individuality has a classic enough concise silhouette to attract the interest of the widest possible public.

The idea of ​​French designers is quite understandable: they would like the car not to lose its relevance in a few years, when the fashion can make a very dramatic turn. Hence the absence of excess layers on the body, and the wide shoulder surface that confidently supports the back. You can see a lot of work on the shape of the diffuser, which almost merges with the rear bumper. The only thing that emphasizes the innovative character of the model is the original shape of the headlights and the absolute absence of a fake radiator grille.

The main difficulty in creating the Renault Laguna Coupe was that the French auto giant still had no experience in designing cars of this class and orientation. The matter was complicated by the fact that work began even before the global economic crisis, the main consequence of which was a sharp decrease in the segment of individual cars. Europeans began to give preference to universal cars, but for the coupe came difficult times. However, Renault was not going to give up its intentions.

Naturally, before the appearance of such a new model for itself, the French automaker tried to seriously prepare the public for the appearance of its new items..

Ten years ago, the curious Renault Fluence concept came out, the main design solutions of which will subsequently be used in the Laguna Coupe. After polishing some forms on the Renault Nepta, French designers rolled out the Renault Laguna Coupe Concept, which was almost no different from the future supernova, in Frankfurt before the crisis.

As for the internal “filling”, the Renault Laguna Coupe is equipped with a rather impressive two-liter engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. The transmission is able to adapt to the individual characteristics of the driver, which through the on-board computer has the ability to control and adjust all the most important parameters.

For Russia, Renault has prepared two coupe options – with a gasoline engine and a diesel engine. The first option has a higher power – 170 hp. versus 150, but the second has a faster torque – 340 Nm against 270. Those who are used to starting as fast as possible will experience a slight disappointment – Renault Laguna Coupe accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in more than 9 seconds, but the chosen design did not allow to achieve more impressive results. Coupe with diesel engines is still a novelty for our compatriots, but in Western Europe, such models are already confidently crowding their gasoline “brothers.” This is clearly seen in popular models such as the Audi A5 and the Volkswagen Passat CC already mentioned above..

A gift for real aesthetes is a brand new pendant. It may not be suitable for those who prefer a race track to any autobahn, but for lovers of comfort this is an ideal option. The main technical solution in its design should be recognized as a system of single-tube and two-tube shock absorbers that impede significant vertical amplitudes of the entire structure.

Also, carefully French designers approached the problem of absorbing noise from a running engine, as well as from the exhaust pipe. The result of their work was the almost complete absence of any audible sound vibrations during driving, both inside the car and in the environment. The main novelty here is an additional connecting link between the automatic transmission mounting point and the battery box. Such a trifle at first glance allows you to use the battery compartment as an additional trap for noise, which reduces their intensity immediately by forty percent.

The interior design solution is quite original, but there is a rather serious flaw in this: such novelty and creativity can scare away a significant part of potential customers who are already accustomed to the internal appearance of Renault. On the other hand, even the most demanding car owners emphasize the power of the car’s internal “base”.

For a long time, picky customers complained that the Renault audio system noticeably lags behind European and Japanese competitors. In the new model, the designers approached the solution of this problem as responsibly as possible: in collaboration with the famous company Bose, they installed a completely new audio system in the Renault Laguna Coupe, which is in no way inferior to its competitors in quality. Not only eight speakers are evenly distributed throughout the cabin, but a powerful amplifier and multi-band equalizer that allows you to select the right settings for completely different artists..

Economy versions of the Renault Laguna Coupe are equipped with bi-xenon headlights, but for more advanced models, the light beam can sharply refract, which is especially effective when turning. As for the security system, the corresponding airbags meet all modern requirements. In addition, the designers were not afraid to additionally insert two-volume airbags, which are connected simultaneously to the seats of both the driver and the passenger. It is quite appropriate to mention such necessary, loved by many “trifles” as parking sensors and cruise control. Even in the basic configuration, the Renault Laguna Coupe comes with a special card that provides the “hands-free” function.

Curiously enough, the designers of the Renault Laguna Coupe approached the solution to the problem with the rear passengers. In order to make it more convenient for them to get into their places in the car, an electric drive is provided, which allows you to push the front seats by almost a quarter meter without any participation of the physical strength of a person. As for the appearance of the rear seats, here the designers showed all their creative ingenuity: the usual bare panels, which have scared car owners for decades, have sunk into oblivion. In the Renault Laguna Coupe, they turned into very comfortable seats, not only distinguished by their external gloss, but also by excellent functionality. Convenience is achieved, first of all, due to the elimination of the central place, which allowed to achieve a very decent width of the two main seats – almost one and a half meters.

Renault Laguna Coupe is equipped with a modern climate control system, which has already been tested on previous models of cars of this company. There are three main modes in this system. Auto is the basic one, when the system itself finds the most optimal settings, choosing a cross between acoustic exposure and thermal comfort. In cases where it is necessary to drastically change the temperature in the cabin, it is worth using the Fast mode. But for those who prefer softer settings, combined with a minimum noise level, it is worth paying attention to the Soft mode.

The new coupe from Renault is equipped with a sufficiently large trunk, the volume of which exceeds 420 liters. At the same time, it was coupe styling that assumes an almost imperceptible suspension mechanism, and not an additional door. At the same time, through the trunk, you can adjust the rear seat backs, freeing up extra space in it or making driving more comfortable for the driver.


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