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Renault Laguna GT

Renault Laguna GT 1

Renault Laguna GT

Renault Laguna GT 2

French cars are driven not only by those who share Voltaire’s worldview and watch old comedies with Pierre Richard. Nevertheless, the acquisition of French cars in a society that thinks in Japanese-German categories is a rather declarative step. The French car can be compared to a French woman – it has a lot of charm, but it is brittle. And as in love … For example, the dialogue with the Renault Laguna GT from the first minutes is painted in bright colors. You feel this car as a sex partner. Including thanks to a navigation system that can quickly find a common language with someone who got behind the wheel.

It is best to do this with Laguna at a speed of less than 60 km / h, at which the rear steered wheels of the model strive to turn in the direction completely opposite to the front ones. Reminds an intricate pose in the Kama Sutra. In fact, almost all cars (except sports cars) are balanced so that understeer is not enough. That is, the car enters into a turn not as steeply as the driver would like. Does not scare him with a deep sharp dive. This is important for the safety of the latter, especially for unprepared beginners and people who simply move by car, and do not equalize each exit from the garage with fitness classes. But sports cars, on the contrary, have a neutral or even excessive understeer. What about Laguna GT? Within the maximum speed allowed in the village, she surprises with a real sporting, excessively fighting character. Its creators did everything possible to facilitate the urban existence of both the machine itself and its owner. The steering has to be wielded much less. Most likely, Renault Sport Technologies specialists, who wished to drive the rear wheels, thought about those mountain serpentines, on which the sign “30 km / h!” Is often found.

What happens if Laguna 18-inch wheels start spinning faster? At speeds over 60 km / h, the smart steering made by the Japanese will synchronously tighten the rear wheels to the same place where the front wheels turn. Maneuverability will be replaced by accuracy. Electronics conducts this process so timely and imperceptibly that it seems as if it was in a completely different car. By the way, such properties are endowed not only by the French hatchback, but also a station wagon with a huge trunk, similar to a side closet.

GT symbols on the station wagon are a serious claim. More tourist car than this, just can not be found. Renault is well aware that today there is a clear answer to this question – an overseas crossover. Because of this upstart, the market number of medium-sized hatchbacks and station wagons is reduced annually by as much as 5-6%. And the French carmakers don’t want to give up their positions, won over decades, oh how you don’t. On this basis, unexpected and attractive offers arise, backed by a 3-year warranty, which make the average buyer stomp for a long time in front of the bright signs of dealers. But this is not enough. If Laguna had a better acceleration, more strength, better gear shifting and, finally, a usual beautiful appearance, rather than a dual French charm, then the car would have been quite fake.


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