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Renault Lodgy – the perfect family guide

Renault Lodgy - the perfect family guide 1

Renault Lodgy – the perfect family guide

Renault Lodgy - the perfect family guide 2

Family, the concept is multifaceted, but taking into account the spelling root of the word, we are talking about a minimum of 7 people, not only under one roof, but also in a single society. Reliable cars that can provide comfort and safety to a traveling family can be counted on the fingers. Let’s pay attention to one of those.

The unpresentable appearance of the Renault Lodgy is pretty deceptive. Many motorists making hasty conclusions did not even suspect how much technical potential was laid in the car by its creators. Connoisseurs of aesthetics say – not that. Too oversized body, massive in the bow, excessively high …. But the value of the car lies not in discreet appearance (although this can be argued), but in its internal content.

The dimensions of the body are justified, they provide spaciousness in the cabin, and its height allows free movement, even during movement, without the need to bend into three deaths. The gallery is a bit cramped, but there you can place younger family members.

Ergonomics of the driver’s workplace are 2 complaints. The unregulated departure of the “steering wheel”, and the inconvenient location of the sound signal, this drawback occurs in many French-made cars. Of the advantages – a convenient joystick for multimedia settings and a large glove compartment.

In various versions, under the hood of the Renault Lodgy, you can find 2 types of power plants. Diesel (1.5) and gasoline (1.6), by the way, are of identical cost, only the diesel engine has slightly higher thrust and power indicators. The dynamics of acceleration Lodgy – the standard car for the family, when fully loaded, the car will not create problems in the city, and dispersed on the highway, will satisfy the stability of measured traffic. Another paradox. The version with a diesel ICE can consume the same amount of fuel in different cycles of operation and “take” 6 liters, maximum.

The components of the long-stroke suspension easily cope with road errors, leaving all the shocks and vibrations, somewhere under the bottom. Unfortunately, body rolls are observed, therefore it is recommended that the driver keep the situation under full control, especially at speeds above 150 km / h, and in the presence of strong crosswind.

The cost of the car pleasantly surprises with its democratic nature, only Chinese counterparts in the class can be found cheaper, although we do not detract from their high technical qualities. The most serious Lodgy competitors in this category are Fiat and Ford, with the notorious Fiat Doblo and Ford C-Max models, the latter with an innovative EcoBoost engine.


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