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Renault Logan

Renault Logan 1

Renault Logan

Renault Logan 2

Logan began production in the fall of 2004. Manufactured by Renault in Romania.

AvtoVAZ makes the latest model, which it intends to produce up to one hundred and forty thousand modifications per year from the conveyor. Recall that the production area is designed to produce 350,000 cars. In addition, the company is going to reduce the production of Logan of the first generation, and their role in the conveyor will borrow the most needed Renault Duster .

Almost any element of the car has been carefully worked out – an attractive composition of plastic, the voluminous originality of the used seat material, neat chrome framing and almost everything else.

The only praises are the door panels, which are simultaneously equipped with comfortable handles and phono windows, transferred to the most ordinary place. In this case, one can also note the electric control panel for mirror control, which you do not need to find. The seats of the new car are convenient and comfortable, as evidenced by the large rollers of the side assistance and the soft adjustment of the back roll. In the end, the back seat is simply delightful, as it comfortably forms according to the lobes. And the main thing – everything functions without exception and does not spoil the view, which is considered a real superiority for the economical version.

Logan has a fairly low cost, since 355 thousand rubles. for such a good car – very cheap. And many were surprised by the fact that the car became better in every way, and the price increased by a small amount. This is because all the resources that Logan collected were already used on other models of the company. The circulation of distribution of which has received such distribution throughout the world that almost all the details are discounted.

If earlier Renault Logan could be compared with the “bad duckling”, then today the installation quality of the latest Logan is safe and stylish. Manufacturers took into account all the shortcomings of previous models and made an absolutely innovative and superior modification of the Logan series. He also became more fascinating in appearance, leaving his own value with this change.


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