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Renault Sandero

Renault Sandero 1

Renault Sandero

Renault Sandero 2

Renault Sandero is a continuation of the line of low-cost reliable cars of the Renault family, created on the basis of the B0 platform. The car is equipped with engines from 74 to 106 hp, which, given the small weight of the car (1,500 kg) and market positioning as an inexpensive family car, is sufficient for a comfortable ride. Successful selection of the main pair allows, albeit an outdated, but powerful engine to pull well from the bottom. A proven “unkillable” Logan suspension and high ground clearance allow you to get anywhere, including on a dirt road.

The hatchback looks better compared to Logan, which is attractive for young people, and the small amount of luggage (320 l) is compensated by the wide luggage space and the possibility of folding the rear seats. The wide grille is sporty. The small length of the car allows you to easily park in urban environments.

Head optics has a nice appearance and quality of lighting at night. The interior gives the impression of a high-quality, but low-cost assembly (hard plastic, the location of the controls is “for everybody” – the horn button is located on the steering column switch, the front electric window buttons on the central panel, the rear buttons on the tunnel behind the parking brake lever). High-seat seats are comfortable enough for both tall and low people, although there is no lateral support. Three people can comfortably sit in the back seat. Despite the small dimensions of the car, the interior is spacious enough.

The car of the latest configuration has everything necessary for a modern person (heated seats, power mirrors, airbags, power windows, air conditioning, audio training.

Of the minuses, it is possible to note the low noise insulation of the cabin, weak speakers. The pursuit of low cost has led to the fact that this car can not boast of good safety. Pillows are usually one or two, the presence of the ABS system depends on the configuration. Even the case of this car is very fragile, and the radiator rests on only two plastic legs.

In the end, I want to note that despite all the disadvantages, this car has a major plus: the cost-quality ratio, which makes it one of the most budget and affordable options for purchase.


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