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Renault Scenic RX4

Renault Scenic RX4 1

Renault Scenic RX4

Renault Scenic RX4 2

Renault returns to the SUV market with an original model combining the versatility of a minivan and four-wheel drive. And although this family car is not designed for real impassability, it is able to bring joy to those who like to get out of the city into nature.

Achievements of the company in the creation of “single volume” are well known (the first, Espace, appeared back in 1984). The last success in this field, the Scenic model, literally conquered the whole world. Currently, the daily output of this compact minivan reaches 1,600 cars and that’s not the limit..

Great experience has been gained in the development of models with all-wheel drive. For the first time, to some extent, the idea of ​​today’s Scenic RX4 was realized back in 1951, when an all-wheel drive modification of the Colorale model appeared – a spacious station wagon. Behind it were put on the conveyor Renault 18 Estate 4×4 (1984), Renault 21 Nevada 4×4 (1988), Renault 21 Quadra (1989), Renault Espace Quadra (1987), Renault Safrane V6 Biturbo Quadra ( 1992). We will also remember the active participation of the company’s specialists in the creation of the CJ 7 (1983) and Cherokee (1992) models. This was at a time when Renault owned the Jeep after the collapse of American Motors..

By the way, in 1982, the Marro brothers won the Paris-Dakar raid on a special Renault 20 Turbo 4×4, and in 1993 a very interesting Racoon four-wheel drive concept car was built.

For the first time, the Renault Scenic RX4 was shown to French off-road lovers who annually gather for their rally in the picturesque alpine resort of Val d’Isere. It was no coincidence that it was called in its own manner – MAS (Multi Activity Car). Hundreds of jeepers who came from all over the world on their SUVs, in addition to traditional competitions, are always with great interest visiting the exhibition of all-wheel drive equipment, which is organized by manufacturing companies. There was organized the unofficial debut of the new Renault. And the official premiere of the car took place in Moscow at the 4th Russian Motor Show, and this in itself says a lot: “Scenic RX4” perfectly suits our difficult road conditions and the French clearly rely on the success of this model among Russian buyers.

Externally, the car looks very attractive. It differs from the original Renault Scenic with wider wings made of composite material, powerful bumpers, door linings that protect against stone blows. The solidity of the SUV is also given by an increased clearance of 60 mm, reaching 180 mm, and 16-inch wheels with 215/65 R16 tires with developed lugs. The rear of the body is redesigned, and perhaps it is she who gives the car a special originality. Designers fixed the spare wheel in a special casing on the lower, hinged part of the combined rear door. Its upper part with convex glass, equipped with an electric drive, is easily lifted, providing easy access to the luggage compartment shelf.

Renault Scenic RX4 is designed to compete with models such as Land Rover Freelander, Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4.

Full-fledged all-terrain properties, as you know, these machines do not possess. Scenic RX4, designed primarily for use on paved roads, will undoubtedly feel better on ice than snow than standard cars on overcoming dirt roads..
The Austrian company Steyr Puch contributed to the creation of the car, having developed a transfer case and rear-wheel drive, including a visco clutch.

Gear ratios have not changed compared to the front-wheel-drive Scenic. With the permanent four-wheel drive of both axles, the torque, due to the viscous coupling, can vary along the axes depending on the wheel slip, providing optimum traction and without requiring any intervention from the driver. A significant contribution to improving cross-country ability is also made by the traction control system, although it affects only the front wheels.

The chassis of the car has undergone major changes. The Mac Ferson-type front suspension has received new, long and sturdy lower arms that give it greater travel – a prerequisite for an SUV. The rear suspension is now mounted on a subframe, which, in turn, is attached to the body via damping pads. This decision reduced the transmission of noise and vibration to the body, in which passengers and the driver feel as comfortable as in the regular Scenic version. The rear suspension is also equipped with long levers and special shock absorbers to increase the cross-country ability and versatility of the car.

Designers, thinking about interior design, preferred a sporty style..

Easy manipulations with the seats can get a 2-, 3-, 4- or 5-seater car, best suited for a particular trip.

Do not forget also that the Scenic cabin is characterized by the presence of a large number of different small luggage containers that create additional comfort on the road.

While on the car they plan to install one gasoline or one diesel engine.

Two-liter “sixteen-valve” power of 140 hp immediately puts the Scenic RX4 in a leading position among competitors in traction and dynamics.

The motor is distinguished by the use of variable valve timing and high adaptability to changing loads. The peak of the torque curve, corresponding to 188 Nm, falls at 3750 rpm. The maximum speed of a car with such an engine will be about 185 km / h. The new 1.9-liter direct-injection diesel engine with a common fuel line, developing 105 hp, successfully combines efficient returns, low fuel consumption, noise levels and low air pollution.


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