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Renault Scenic

Renault Scenic 1

Renault Scenic

Renault Scenic 2

Such cars fit into the philosophy of rational thinking. And not only because of its utility, because today even impractical three-door hatchbacks are ready to promote family values ​​and purely practical solutions. No, in the case of the new – or rather, updated Renault Scenic, which is called Collection 2012 on the Ukrainian market – the situation with this compact car is somewhat different. The situation is primarily with perception – and the result that you expect to get from the car.

To begin, let’s talk about the update that the Scenic Collection 2012 underwent. Dimensions that have not changed much – 4 meters 34 centimeters – received new and quite bright details. A new front bumper with an almost sporty lower spoiler, funky ribbon-like elements around the fog lamps, a glossy part of the grille and an updated, somewhat playful optics. The body format has remained unchanged, with the exception of a double sunroof and a hint of a wing on the tailgate. These accentuated updates have made the Scenic look more dynamic now, and not so clearly aimed only at rationalizing the car. Young families should also pay attention to him, who will appreciate both a certain romanticism and the dynamic elements of such a compact.

But whatever the appearance element is, the factor of practicality will certainly cling to the choice. Therefore, one of the main accents will be directed at convenience, and at loading luggage, and at free space. With loading, everything is pretty good: wide tailgate and low loading height, only 60 centimeters – this is a convenient way to stuff 522 liters of useful belongings. If you fold the rear seats – by the way, there are three separate rear seats, and each is adjusted and moves separately – then the cargo compartment increases to a whopping 1830 liters. In addition, the loading length is quite solid (1.68 meters), and with the front seat folded down – even 2.5 meters.

But the insides are not just the trunk. That is why the Renault Scenic interior itself is also sharpened for convenience and all sorts of things for the location of human bodies and small things. The adjustment range of the seats is very wide, and the anatomical headrests can turn each of the five seats into something similar to a bed. Moreover, the height of the cabin and the space above the head contribute to the transformation. The number of niches, pockets, boxes and shelves is over the top – obviously, Renault decided that Scenic would be used as a mobile apartment, where you need to put everything that you might need at any time: from a lighter to a spool of thread. But what you can’t take is ease of use. And by the way, it’s very pleasant to the touch – the interior materials have become better, and the functionality has several interesting solutions.


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